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Sachin Adhikari

Sachin Adhikari, a Global Business Leader, Social Entrepreneur, an Author, a Mentor, Thinker and a Strategist, has developed a 'Value and Principle' based revolutionary Human Transformation Model for mass application.

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Become a Happier Version of YourSelf

Today, on International Day of Happiness, it is very important to experience happiness which requires no reason.

When we were younger, being happy was innate. Our requirements were simple - we needed food when we were hungry, a place to sleep when we were tired and have the company of our parents, whenever we yearned for it. This was all we wanted to experience limitless happiness. However, as we grew older, the definition of happiness changed, and so did our outlook. Gradually, more requirements were added as prerequisites for our happiness.

Most of us, today, are aware that happiness is a state of mind, and in all conscience, has very little to do with our current situation, surroundings and the money that we possess. We usually see value in relationships and materialistic things only once we lose or misplace them. Most people, growing up, dream of success. And, while trying to work towards achieving that success, end up losing out on certain things that money can never buy or replace.

Honestly, how many of us are aware of people who, though have a lot of money, are still not very happy?

This in itself proves that we are forever in search of something which we don’t know ourselves. Until and unless we know exactly what we seek, it is impossible to achieve it, let alone build upon it.

So, what is happiness and how do we realize it? The process of happiness always begins with “Gratitude.”

We must, firstly, appreciate what we have in life at the moment. Most of the people, when asked if they are thankful for what they have, reveal that not only are they unhappy with what they have but also feel that they have achieved nothing in life so far.

This is why I believe that only if we truly believe, do we find what we seek. If we are trying to find reasons for not being happy, we will find just that. However, if we set out to find reasons to be happy, we will find reasons to be happy.

In the same manner, for success to be achieved, one must possess a happy state of mind. We must be thankful for being alive today. To imagine that there are so many people suffering from various ailments and don’t have things that we have, must help us understand how lucky we are to be alive.

Happiness is making our current reality, our biggest asset. People who exercise the belief know exactly how to be happy. They know how to capitalize on what they have and achieve what they want to achieve. Happiness is essential to attract happiness and when we chose to be happy, we automatically attract more happiness!

Today, on International Day of Happiness, it is very important to experience happiness which requires no reason. Use this day to know that you are happy - believe it, feel it and enjoy being happy. And, if you seek more happiness, spread happiness, exchange a smile, appreciate someone, help someone and thank someone, to see the magic. Happiness is, after all, a snowball effect.
Remember, “Be happy not because everything is good, but because you can see the good side of everything.”

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