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Bangalore Startup ‘Global 3D Labs’ Makes Asia’s Largest 3D Printer

The huge size of the printer means you can now 3D print manufacture whole pieces of furniture in one go – there’s no need to assemble it

Not too long ago in early 2015, Global 3D Labs was still a struggling 3D printing startup that had educate corporate and consumer clients why 3D printing can save them money. For example, one of their small scale business clients made a profit of 35,000 rupees on device that took just 3000 rupees to manufacture using 3D printing.

Needlessly to say they have come a long way. They have just finished building the largest 3D printer in India and can keep quality on par with international competitors at a fraction of the cost.

In an self-authored article, “What went into building Asia's largest 3D printer:The Pramaan One”, cofounder and CEO of Global 3D Labs says, “We looked back at our database scavenging for queries that we could not fulfill. A large part of such queries were made of requirements of bigger sized prints. These requirements came from varied sectors starting from automotive and extending till architecture…

We contemplated on the problem for quite some time, trying to analyse whether the product had enough requirements in the market. The more we delved deeper, we understood that the large build volume segment was quite a sizeable market and it was worth going after. This gave birth to what is now the biggest 3D printer of our company, the Pramaan One.”

Manish Amin, COO and cofounder at Global 3D Labs said, “Pramaan One is the largest 3D Printer manufactured in India and Asia. We haven't officially launched it but we are looking to launch it the next week [first week of May].

The product is exceptional in nature because the Pramaan One 3D printer has an enormous build volume of 1 metre*1 metre*1 metre. Which means that the following things will be possible which were not possible otherwise:

1. Huge automotive, aerospace and other components can now be 3D printed with just one print. This would otherwise take multiple separate parts to be 3D printed and then joined together.

2. The 3D Printer can 3D print whole furniture, large sized home decor, functional robots among others in one print. This was not possible before.

3. The 3D Printer is 3-4 times faster than conventional FDM 3D Printers.

4. Worldwide only 2-3 companies make such huge sized printers. But when
you compare Pramaan One with our European competitors, the cost is one-fourth what they would charge.”

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