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Bangalore Based Gaming Startup Hypernova Interactive Raises Seed Funding from Kae Capital

Huzaifa, the Creative Director at the studio, had to say, “A game is only as good as the team that builds it. We have been very careful about hiring the right people from the get-go, since making games for a global audience requires a deep understanding of international tastes and preferences."

Hypernova Interactive, a Bangalore based Gaming Startup, has raised an undisclosed amount of Seed Investment from Kae Capital, one of India’s leading early stage investors. This happens to be Kae’s first gaming investment.

Hypernova was founded by Mayur Bhimjiyani and Huzaifa Arab. Both have been game designers at their previous positions at Zynga and Hike respectively. Mayur was a Lead Designer on some of Zynga’s most successful games like FarmVille and CastleVille. Huzaifa was Principal Game Designer with Hike Messenger’s games division helping them solve the games for India problem.

Mayur, who leads the studio, says, “With the advent of mobile phones, the gaming industry has seen explosive growth in the past few years. We are focused on building top notch gaming experiences for global audiences. Our vision to is build an Esports ecosystem for mobile. Kae Capital shares our vision of building games for a global audience rather than just India. They have been a great investment partner with their keen understanding of the needs of early stage companies. We are very happy to have them on board as a part of this journey.”

The company has launched two games so far. The first one, War Tanks, is an online real-time multiplayer game where players can battle other players from around the world with cool tanks in a live arena. The second game was launched last week on Android. Both the games have done quite well in markets like the US and China. 

Hypernova’s first game, War Tanks, was also one of the finalists in the ‘Very Big Indie Pitch’ Contest hosted by Pocket Gamer Connect last year.

The second game, Space Titans, is an addictive single player spaceship adventure game, where players tour the galaxies and hunt down aliens with awesome sci-fi weapons.

“Even though gaming is often thought of as a ‘hits and misses’ space, the truth cannot be denied that gaming companies represent some of the most successful VC investments ever made. We believe that mobile games,especially those that capitalize on multiplayer and Esports, is a large and rapidly growing market. We believe that Mayur, Huzaifa and the rest of the Hypernova team match up to the standards set by top global gaming companies, both in their execution capabilities, and their overall vision. We are proud to partner with them for our first investment in a gaming company”, said Shubhankar Bhattacharya, Venture Partner at Kae Capital.

“We are seeing exceptional retention and user monetization numbers with our second game in in its early stages. Our focus remains to grow our current games in markets like China and the US, while building the next big thing for Esports on mobile”, added Mayur.

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