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AuthBridge Launches VerifyMySchool to Make Schools Safer

A one-stop platform for schools to verify their staff and provide a safe environment for their students

India’s leading background screening company AuthBridge today announced the launch of VerifyMySchool, a one-stop platform for schools to create a safe environment for students by screening their staff (teachers, administration, support and blue collar). VerifyMySchool will enable playschool and school authorities to verify their staff’s identity, profile and also screen their reputation, in addition to ensuring compliance with CBSE's circulars/ guidelines related to safety of school children (CBSE’s safety circular CBSE/AFFI/SCHOOLSAFETY/19 dated 12th Sept 2017 and a 117 point circular released on 20th Nov 2017).

The launch gains significance in the wake of recent spate of crimes against school-going children that have turned the spotlight on the background screening practices followed by schools all over the country. 

Ajay Trehan, Founder and CEO of AuthBridge, said, “Our children spend their maximum time away from and unsupervised by parents in their schools; and school owners in return must take all steps necessary to ensure a safe and trustworthy environment for their students. VerifyMySchool is a groundbreaking platform from AuthBridge that will allow school authorities to perform highest quality background screening, identity verification and psychometric analysis for all their staff, and thereby assure parents that their child is as safe in the school as he or she is at home.” 

“VerifyMySchool offers schools a first-of-its-kind background screening platform from India’s background verification industry leader that leverages AuthBridge’s deep domain expertise and capabilities honed over 12 years,” Mr. Trehan added.

The platform allows schools to conduct important checks for existing staff as well as potential hires including Police verification, Identity (including Aadhaar) verification, Court records check as well as psychometric analysis. While CBSE has made police verification and psychometric analysis test mandatory for all school staff; VerifyMySchool goes a step further and checks for the existence of a candidate’s criminal or civil case record, by searching criminal and civil court records across all District Courts, High Courts and the Supreme Court of India available in public domain.

In addition to the checks mentioned above, VerifyMySchool can further allow schools conduct other background checks on their staff related to employment, education, address, or even substance abuse.

AuthBridge said that DPS International Edge, Millenium School, Takshila School and many other leading schools from across the country have already signed up for conducting background checks on their staff. 

VerifyMySchool will also provide a compliance rating to all schools using its services. A “5-star” rating will be provided to schools that ensure highest levels of compliance. Schools will be able to maintain high ratings by following good background screening processes, conducting background screening on all their staff, conducting checks regularly and taking vigilant actions on negative reports/ suspicious cases

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