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Ahmedabad Based Edtech Startup Raises $4 lakh Through Inflection Point Ventures

Pedagogy, an edtech startup provides a hybrid learning model through its platform for students preparing for competitive examinations

Started in 2015, Pedagogy, Ahmedabad based edtech startup raised $400,000 through Inflection Point Ventures, said the startup's official announcement. Led by Archin Shah, Abhilash Sonwane and Ritesh Gandhi as Co-founders provides digital books and online courses for students. The startup provides a subscription-based model for students to access anything on the platform. 

The startup aspires to change the way students utilise books for their entrance and competition examinations. Abhilash Sonwane, CEO, Pedagogy said, “Pedagogy wants to make education accessible and affordable to all students whereby they can get access to all types of content they need to prepare for their exams at a price they can afford. Bringing this idea to IPV helped us with its varied group of investors which provides an ecosystem that a startup can lean on for help in scaling up faster.”

Pedagogy during the lockdown of Covid-19 has managed to provide a variety of books to the students preparing for the competitions through several publishers wherein students can access books various coaching institutes leading to a hybrid learning platform. 

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