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Atul Chaudhary

Atul Chaudhary is the founder and director at 1Solutions, a web services company based in New Delhi. He specializes in web consultancy for SME's and Startups. He also helps business in search marketing, content marketing and social media.

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Actionable Ideas For Startups To Boost Website Traffic

Just before you plan to increase the traffic of your website, keep in mind of the stats related to current traffic.

Do you struggle with increasing the traffic of your website?

You must have tried all the methods available, still it is a dead end with regard to your website speed. Adding more insult to your wound is that without a good visitor ranks or traffic, your website won’t make enough revenue.

Don’t worry! It is not the end of the road. The good news is you don’t have to be an expert or the best SEO analyst or copywriter to increase the traffic of your website. What you really lack is a proven system which can bring in the required change to your website. The most common problem is you focus on the wrong content and even wrong metrics.

Increasing Website Traffic

There are various strategies and content available online that seems to provide you with the required results, but not 100%. What you need is proven strategies that bought results and the required kind of interaction to your website.

Let’s check some of the major steps you can follow- 

1) Be Aware of The Statistics Of Current Traffic

Just before you plan to increase the traffic of your website, keep in mind of the stats related to current traffic. Frankly, this is the baseline and from here you can get a clear idea of the efforts that are taken by you to improve your traffic growth. In such situations, make sure that you have set up your Google Analytic tracking code.

As soon as you have few days of good traffic, check the Google Analytics to view the website traffic report. Page views, unique visitors, average time spend on a site, pages per visit, traffic sources, bounce rate, etc are some of the metrics you need to be aware of.

2) Social Media Remarketing

One of the best promotional tools for your B2C or B2B industry is social media. However, are you aware that you can create remarketing audiences in social media sites like Facebook? All you need to do is just install a tracking pixel of Facebook on your site so that it is easy for you to market to customers who are visiting your site. No doubt, this is a good method to develop return traffic on your website or business blog.

3) Developing Good Content Marketing Procedures

Do you know one of the major reasons on why various businesses go out of the track? It can be either because they don’t have a proper content marketing tactics or even if they do have, it will be simply out of the mark.

Keep in mind that without a good and result-oriented marketing strategy, you cannot try all the SEO hacks. You will be wasting your time. Now the question is how you can develop a good marketing strategy, but before that you need to know about the kind of content that must be added to your strategies. These are eBooks, blogs, podcasts, videos, infographics.

4) Verify Website Traffic

It is common for you to get hang of the old saying “What is measured, gets managed”. The same thing is true with website traffic. While testing new strategies involved with website traffic, you must also be aware of how they will perform.

Keep a track of your website often. At least check it few times each week, so that you can get a clear idea of what is working and what is not. Based on this you can easily utilize the good stuffs so that your traffic growth increases.

5) Utilize Good And Interesting Content

Just think about it. Having an interesting marketing strategy filled with catchy headlines will not be of any use if you don’t have a compelling content. So, any reader or visitor who comes to your site will immediately bounce out, making it an ugly and unwanted traffic report.

So, how can you make or write some interesting content. Well, it is simple. One method is hooking readers in the beginning. Individuals have low attention span, and unless you have an appealing hook at the starting of the paragraph of your blog, people will move out of the site immediately.

Another method is to utilize short paragraphs.  Never go for long paragraphs and big text. Keep in mind that the more scannable the content is the much better it is going to be. Also, to improve the quality and grammatical or typo mistakes, read what you have written during the editing phrase.

6) Utilize Attractive Pictures

Just think about it. “A picture is worth thousand words!” There is no doubt that an attractive photo can do extraordinary things for your traffic. Not only they make your blog more appealing in terms of visual but even allow readers to be on the website for a longer time. Plus they even make the content more sharable on various social media sites.

With the combination of a good title and interesting image, it will easily generate the required clicks and traffic. The best part is that you won’t need to spend thousands of dollars for the photos or creating one.

7) Sharing Content in Right Manner

With regard to getting huge amount of traffic on your website, there is no doubt; social media is the primary key. It is necessary that you share the content in the right manner, so that you can a good increase in the traffic. All you have to do is optimize the strategies for each platform. As social media post are visible in various kinds of platform, it is necessary to optimize them to make it more sharable and eye-catching.

You can even add some sharing buttons on your site. It is an added bonus to get the audiences to share content right from your website. For that you really need a good social sharing button like the ones present in WordPress.

Wrapping Up

It is easy to increase your website traffic. Of course, there are countless methods, but with the correct and proven one you can easily get the required results. A good amount of research and analyzes will indeed help in knowing more about website traffic. So go ahead and try these steps and see the results by yourself.

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