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Aaveg - Provides End-to-End Corporate Mobility Solution With Specialization in Ground Transportation

We have clients across multiple sectors and industries such as IT, BPO and KPO, Banking, PSUs, eCommerce, retail, telecom, manufacturing and travel companies.

Founded in 2015, headquartered in Delhi with PAN India presence, Aaveg fundamentally works on three critical areas in Corporate ground transportation space.

1. Optimum utilization of resources
2. Decongest city roads
3. Reduce CO2 omission

Aaveg manages the entire activity chain including Employee transportation, Leasing to business rental and advising, managing and procuring the overall transport requirement of any organization.

BWDisrupt’s Team member Sujata Sangwan interacts with Ashok Vashist - CEO, Founder, Aaveg and spoke to him.

When was Aaveg incepted?

The company was incepted in the year 2015. Aaveg which means speed is first company globally to venture in the field of managing transport for the large corporations with the objective to derive commuter’s safety, Decongestion and attain optimization in its first phase. However subsequently the organization will get into traffic management and community commuting to achieve its objective.
Aaveg will also partner with the government for better planning & execution in transport infrastructure development for its various cities especially the smart cities.

Who all are the founders? Share a brief about all the founders.

Ashok Vashist is a serial entrepreneur and is the Founder & CEO of Aaveg. His chief responsibilities involve Brand Management and Corporate Development. His comprehensive skillset includes Team Management, New Business Development, Sales Management, and Operations Management.

Ashok has been associated with renowned brands like Herrtz & Europcar, International Travel House, an ITC Group company. He significantly contributed in making the business a grand success & achieved significant growth. Driven by his forward thinking aptitude, he was also instrumental in introducing industry disrupting concept of radio taxi and driver-cum-owner business model. Furthermore, Ashok was responsible for managing transportation activities during the commonwealth games held in India, and is recognized by AsiaOne (PWC) as the leader in Transport category.

Now, he is committed to create and provide the best & secure commuting experience for travelers, by striving relentlessly for consistency and optimization.

What is the concept behind Aaveg?

Aaveg is a first-of-its-kind company in the world to provide end-to-end corporate mobility solution with specialization in ground transportation be it leasing, business rentals, employee transportation or pool cars. Working in the employee transportation management space, Aaveg’s primary objective is to reduce CO2 emissions, reduce traffic congestions and facilitate optimum utilization of resources. Aaveg manage the entire activity chain including Employee transportation to business rental and advising, managing and procuring the overall transport requirement of any organization.

The company’s key competitive edge lies in the fact that it provides, thought leadership in transport management, problem identification with recommendation solutions, provide managed services for transport desk and implementation of thought leadership guidelines and selection of right vendors for sourcing of wheels etc. The company also provides consulting and advisory services such as transport policy design, vendor management process, floating RFP, training of transport desks and drivers and ERP technology solutions. In addition, it also provides MSP for transport and a bouquet of top end technology solutions.

Aaveg is also the only company in India having ISO certifications for managing Transport operations on principal model, offering end to end transportation management solution including benchmarking, policy making, vendor identification and contracting and managing SLA based operations on ground.

Please share unique key features and services by Aaveg?

Aaveg’s Service portfolio includes solutions such as:

Managed Service Provider (MSP- Transport)

safety and security of employees
Defining KRAs of transport teams
Technology implementation
Deploying of man-power
Ensuring meeting SLA`s & KPI`s defined by the client
Meeting compliance
Setting up of command center
Ensure regular real time flow of information to all the stakeholders

Consulting and Advisory service

Consulting on transport technology
Designing of transport policy
Study on ground operations
Preparation of whitepapers
Floating RFP
Vendor management process
Technology solutions – ERP
Training to transport desk and driver

ERP for car rental services

ERP solutions for employee transportation and business rentals
Technology implementation
Driver mobile app
Customer Mobile app
Integration of customer platform with vendors software

How is it different from existing ones?

Existing corporates in the space are dealing with the fleet providing companies who in turns aggregates the fleet from small vendors and driver cum owners. In this entire scheme of things, somewhere the thrust is lost from the corporates as well as the transport vendors on reducing pollution levels, reducing congestions on the roads and optimizing available resources. Considering this situation, the idea evolved and we decided to become managed services providers in the transportation space.

We urge the corporates to control the transportation activities through SLA`S and to not get into non-core activities themselves.

What is the funding status?

Our venture is funded through the internal accruals. Though we have been approached by a couple of funds , however, we are still to decide on our future course of action related to funding.

What are the traction details?

The traction from the market have been tremendously overwhelming. Currently, we cater to industries such as IT, eCommerce, BPO and KPO, Banking, Retail, Manufacturing, PSU and travel management companies.

What are the marketing plans?

We already have a multi-channel marketing strategy in place which includes a powerful digital roadmap, encompassing blogs, Google, emails, SMOs, SEOs, direct sales as well as reference via existing clients/word of mouth.

Apart from that, we have representations in CEO/CFO offices across multiple firms, direct contact with major employee transport user organisations. Besides, we actively publish print ads in newspapers and automobile focused magazines, apart from conducting direct sales.

What are your future plans for Aaveg?

As the first step, we are looking to penetrate the corporate transportation market in order to optimize:

Employee Transportation Model.
Spot Rental/ pool car model.
To optimize lease car model.

The next step would be to get into the community transportation. Post that, we will be actively looking at decongesting the roads and make adequate arrangements for pooling of multiple transport resources into single units.

In the near future, we will also look at helping the Government make effective transport solutions for the proposed smart cities and improve existing road transport and infrastructure conditions.

What all challenges did you face?

The most harrowing challenge we face is with the gestation period. Transport and commute decisions in corporates are policy decisions and any change or reform in policy is a time consuming process. The gestation period is long in implementing a policy change on ground.

What is the customer base? Who all are the major clients?

We have clients across multiple sectors and industries such as IT, BPO and KPO, Banking, PSUs, eCommerce, retail, telecom, manufacturing and travel companies.

Please share the revenue details?

Our revenue in the Financial Year, April 2015- March 2016 is 1.03 Crore and between March 2016 to September 2016, it is 4.7 crore

Any plans in pipeline?

A lot of things are in pipeline given the market movements in the ground transportation market and we are optimistic in tapping the sector well in the coming times. We are planning to build a special policy in corporate and government sector to ease out the limitations faced in the sector.

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