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AJ Ventures and Investments, an Early-stage Venture Capital Arm, Invests Rs 40 Cr in 14 Startups

AJ Ventures and Investment team has an experienced and talented team, having a latent diverse sectoral experience.


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AJ Ventures and Investments, an early-stage Venture Capital arm, invested Rs 40 crore in 14 Start-ups. Mr Anil Jain, Founder & CEO, AJ Ventures and Investments & Founder, Refex Group has been nurturing these start-ups and mentoring them towards the growth.

“I started investing in personal capacity, little over a year ago, but it soon dawned on me that this was an industry at the cusp of a revolution. It was then that I started putting together a professional team to manage this and ramped up investing” says Mr. Anil Jain, who has till date invested over Rs. 40 Crores in Startups like “, Loanadda, HAPPYEMI, Artwaley, Evenrank, Orbo, Sun Telematics, ILoveDiamonds, Wassup, Flabfit, Ovenfresh, Kyvor Genomics, OTO Magnetics and most recently Detect Technologies.

Commenting on the investments, Mr Anil Jain said, “All nations, developed & developing, are already looking towards the Indian sub-continent for finding solutions to their problems. AJ Ventures and Investments wants to be at the cusp of this new revolution, where we hope to one day become the start-up export hub for not just the Emerging countries, but the World at large”.

He further adds, “We are just finalising the finishing touches to launch a world-class Incubation Centre in the heart of Chennai’s business District. Our aim is to curate an innovation hub, to channel the energies of the young and aspiring Entrepreneurs to not just ape established business models, but rather challenge conventions. We aim to foster India’s very own Google or Facebook or Airbnb by providing the right platform and impetus for entrepreneurs through proper Mentorship, Counselling and Infrastructure”.

AJ Ventures and Investment team has an experienced and talented team, having a latent diverse sectoral experience. "We are in the process of empanelling more Mentors and Advisors for the Incubation Centre. At the time of launch, which we hope will be sometime in early December, we will have over 50+ senior Mentors and/or Counsellors to advise the startups incubated by our centre," Anil added.

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