AIMBSN Launched to Inspire Entrepreneurship among Muslim Entrepreneurs

AIMBSN hosts its first annual conference and launches “world’s first startup ecosystem backed by blockchain technology”.

The All India Muslim Business Startup Network (AIMBSN) hosted its first annual conference on November 26th, 2017 in Pune. AIMBSN is an initiative aimed at driving Muslim involvement in India’s startup and technology economy. Dr Tausif Malik organized the AIMBSN and the first annual conference; Dr Malik has a long history of involvement in business, technology, and community organizing.

The event’s theme and vision was “connect, support, inspire and grow” and to involve the Muslim community in stimulating the business sector and developing opportunities for the next generation.

Dr. Tausif Malik said, “AIMBSN is India’s only ecosystem to connect Indian Muslim entrepreneurs, businesses, investors and startups.”

AIMBSN ecosystem hopes to plan for its members business conferences, networking and startup events across India; a social network,, where individuals and businesses can discuss businesses, requirements, and investment opportunities; incubators and accelerators - to be set up in the future in tandem with minority institutions, and a AIMBSN venture capital fund in 2018 with investments from NRI Indian Muslims who want to invest in their original homeland.

Chicago based Dr Tausif Malik founder of the AIMBSN highlighted that Islam promotes entrepreneurship and contribution to one’s motherland. He also said that the event is to align with the policies of Indian government such as Startup India, Digital India, Skill India and Make in India.

Cryptocurrency entrepreneurs based in the US, Sameer Gitay and Quayaum Quamar, introduced blockchain technology. The event saw the launch of to cater to the growing demand for blockchain, fintech, ICO and cryptocurreny services.

Among the startups showcasing at the conference were Berry IT, a startup dealing with robotics and e-learning; Miswak Toothbrush, the world’s first miswak toothbrush); two startups called, SQr Infotech and Viands – dealing in blockchain and crytocurrency, and, a travel company offering interest free EMI.

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