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A Non-Formal Startup Event, Seaside Startup Summit to be held in India, Goa on March 6-11

The Seaside Startup Summit will be held in Goa for the first time. It is part of a series of Seaside Startup Summits being organised across the globe in various startup hubs like UAE, Singapore, Australia, Spain etc.

Seaside Startup Summit is a non-formal startup event, which is organized in a form of tent camp that aims to establish a new type of business platform worldwide. The first location of choice for launching the Summit in India is Goa from March 6 - 11, 2018 - the perfect place for this concept.

The FOUR main pillars of the Summit are:

Connect: During the summit, participants share a mode of life and make valuable connections. There is also a Coworking space in the territory of the Summit where participants have an opportunity to work collectively with their teams. Moreover, the Startups get a chance to have matching sessions with their potential Investors. Matching Sessions are perfect for two sides to come together and discuss further possibilities of their cooperation.

Learn: One of the most important sections of the Summit is the Startup Bootcamp built into it. These set of workshops are an irreplaceable part of the education division that the Summit provides. Masters from all over the globe conduct a number of training sessions, give assignments to the participants in order for the attendees to know each other better, and what is more important, exchange and gain new skills. Besides this, informal Campfire talks are held with famous entrepreneurs, experts and inspiring speakers to share their journey and experiences.

Win: Another significant thing that the Summit provides for startups is the chance of Winning prizes during pitching battles to investors. Top startups from all over India and abroad will be chosen in 10 different tracks like Fintech, Healthcare, Retail, AI/ML, Social Impact etc. through an online competition. Top ten startups in each track will be invited to attend the summit FREE of cost and three startups will be chosen as winners in each track with prizes including the $1m Alpha Benefits card from F6S, invite to Level 4 of 100 Open Startups Open Innovation Week in Brazil/Europe, all expenses paid investor & customer connect trip to Japan, Invite to Strive and Thrive, LA USA among host of other awards and benefits and for investors an opportunity to discover interesting startups to invest in.

Have Fun: One of the reasons to organize the Summit close to water basin, is strongly connected to the possibility to organize beach parties and various sport activities, such as volleyball, football, surfing and etc.

Seaside Startup Summit India is organized by Startup India Foundation and Startup Armenia Foundation. The co-organizers are KGS Advisors, COWE, and Granatus Ventures. The event will bring together 100s of startups, investors, VCs, and give them an opportunity to build partnerships, exchange knowledge, and make valuable connections with key decision makers from government and industry. The Summit will also gather a number of speakers and mentors from various corners of the world, professionals with various fields of interest.

Seaside Startup Summit was twice organized in Armenia as Sevan Startup Summit and has become one of the most significant startup events in the region by hosting 1500 people in 2016 and 3500 people in 2017 from 28 countries in total. In general, over 150 startups participated in the event, which were selected among 500 applicants. The number of partners has exceeded 100. The prize fund of Sevan Startup Summit 2017 reached $50,000 and over $200,000 investments were made. After the success of the Summit, many international companies got interested in the organization of the event in their homelands. For this reason, it was decided to enlarge the geography of Sevan Startup Summit.

The Seaside Startup Summit will be held in Goa for the first time. It is part of a series of Seaside Startup Summits being organised across the globe in various startup hubs like UAE, Singapore, Australia, Spain etc.

Startups can apply to be invited to attend and pitch at the link by filling in the application form for the startups.

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