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Aayushi Kishore

Aayushi Kishore is the Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder of BOLTT Sports Technologies Pvt. Ltd. A sports and a fitness enthusiast, Aayushi, with her comprehensive and deep knowledge about the global market, is leading a team towards developing a strong position for BOLTT in the Indian industry.

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A Glimpse of the Future: AI Changing Healthcare Experience

The inception of the theory of Artificial Intelligence can now be utilised in monitoring the lifestyle of an individual.

Numerous terminal and non-terminal illnesses have engulfed the lives of countless, on our planet. It has been centuries since the healthcare domain has spared no efforts that have consequently resulted in some phenomenal research outcomes. The incredibility of the research has enunciated humankind the certitude of some striking inventions that are destined to change the face of healthcare and medicine. One such (probably the most pronounced one too)success chapter is Artificial Intelligence, and it is believed to have innovatively redefined and transformed health and fitness before too long.

Discerning the fundamental cause is the linchpin to the success in healthcare
Contemplating the research studies in health and fitness, medical experts and professionals have adhered to curative stratagem. But the study of Artificial Intelligence delved into proactive approach rather than venturing out in treatment-oriented strategies. The healthcare sector will have far-reaching denouement if the medical scientists deter focussing on reactive studies and engross in preventive methodologies. Healthcare is discontinuous and inordinately expensive. The pre-eminent factors are the intermittent data available in the system and medical professionals [defer]taking requisite actions until a serious ailment is discovered.

AI has intervened to bring some innovative enhancements in the healthcare segment. One among them is the seamless incorporation of the ground-breaking technology of smartphones and AI-driven devices, into the day to day processes in the field. Thanks to it for it has reduced the frequency of patients’ visit to the physicians.

A Line of AI-Driven Device inventions

Claire Guest, a clinical psychologist from Milton Keynes, was able to get rid of breast cancer at an early stage when her Labrador, Daisy behaved anxiously and kept pawing her chest, leading to sores on her chest. The continued anxious behaviour of her dog led Guest to have core needle biopsy done. The tests revealed shattering results; she had breast cancer with a deep tumour inside. It would have grown much bigger by the time oncologists would have detected. Not all of us will be this fortunate to have a sensitive canine nose around us to save us from our darkest fears of dying from [cancer]. But her dog’s sensitive behaviour has been fruitful in assisting a medical team of Haifa’s Israel Institute of Technology ideate the concept of sense of smell and developed a Nanonose. Nanonose is an electronic nose, designed to identify gases existing in the breath that are particular to lung cancer. This device works by detecting volatile organic compounds present in the exhaled breath by binding gases to certain chemiresistors.

There are smart diapers connected seamlessly to an app in your smartphone, programmed to continuously record your child’s health. They are successful in detecting even the slightest variations in health issues such as the improper functioning of the kidney, urinary tract infection, dehydration, and Type 1 diabetes. The detailed analysis can assist the child specialist to take actions that are imperative for a child’s health.

Now is the era of Insideables

Insideables are pioneering in Artificial Intelligence study. Equipped with sensors, these devices will be programmed to detect tumours in early stages, helping oncologists take most prudent decisions. In addition to this, contact lenses are other notable inventions being made in Artificial Intelligence. These contact lenses are able to measure levels of glucose as the lens infiltrates the body to yield granular information.

Faecal Transplants for Weight Loss

Medical professionals are now emphasizing on the study of micro-organism ecosystems that contain microbiome, a collection of bacteria cells with considerable amount found in the gut. The microbiome protects from harmful organisms, assists in the digestion of food, and benefits brain and metabolic functioning. Study of these microbes is noteworthy because the microbiome is believed to be the headline in weight loss.

Monitoring lifestyle

The inception of the theory of Artificial Intelligence can now be utilised in monitoring the lifestyle of an individual. The immense potential of AI is also exhibited in wearables such as fitness bands that can precisely trail your lifestyle from morning until midnight, scrutinizing the three key factors of activity, nutrition, and sleep.

We are looking into the enormous capabilities that Artificial Intelligence is offering every individual. The time is near at hand when the competency of AI in the form of Big Data and Internet, will transform our healthcare systems making it more promising, affordable, and less sporadic with refinement prospects.

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