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91springboard Launches the Second Edition of the ‘Foundation Course for Entrepreneurs’ Under the 91university Banner

After an overwhelming response to their first course, the second edition of the Foundation course for Entrepreneurs will begin on November 5th at their Gurgaon location.


91springboard has been committed to the growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem since inception through various channels and efforts. Their latest venture is in the field of education for entrepreneurs where they identified a glaring gap. College education and management degrees are inadequate at preparing entrepreneurs for their journey. Besides there are many skill gaps for which entrepreneurs have no place to go.


The aim of 91university launched under the auspices of 91springboard in collaboration with Salil Agrawal aims to understand the learning needs of the entrepreneurs and fill this gap by providing meaningful and relevant education and training. They are also keen to provide custom designed courses to meet the needs of specific people.

Foundation Course for Entrepreneurs

The first course launched is a “Foundation Course for Entrepreneurs” targeted at people who are keen to start their business or have started a business in the last one year. The course aims to provide a holistic view of business in a short and succinct manner. It is a high level course designed with the entrepreneur in mind and does not intend to make one a specialist but provides enough knowledge to help one understand what is in store for them along the entrepreneurial journey. The course has 30 sessions spread over eight weekends so that the so students, working professionals and entrepreneurs can fit it conveniently into their schedules. It covers all aspects of business including marketing, finance, operations, quality, human resources, accounting, law etc. It also has sessions on personal effectiveness.

The first course was launched in July 2016 and the participants of the course have appreciated the course structure, the design, the content, the teaching methodology and the experience of the faculty.

Here are some of the comments from the participants of the first course:
… insight brought in by the faculty for various subjects is equal, if not better, to what one finds in full-time MBA …
… it offers an alternative to a full time MBA which requires a year off work …
… the course gives me what I need in terms of clarity and brevity of varied content …
… course is insightful for someone who is considering entrepreneurship or has already taken the plunge …
... it would help in learning the basics and constructing a framework for his journey …
… the best part is the interaction with highly qualified and experienced professionals …
… the course enables networking with fellow entrepreneurs as well as potential investors and mentors …
… would recommend this course to people who are starting up and need clarity in what they are doing, what they want to do and what they can do …

Course Director

The Foundation course has been co-conceptualized Salil Agrawal who is the Course Director. He became an entrepreneur at the age of 29 and has spent over 30 years in industry. He is passionate about education and training and has been closely associated with entrepreneurs and small businesses. It is this combination that has prompted him to collaborate with 91springboard and start this new initiative. Mr. Agrawal is an alumnus of IIM, Ahmedabad and brings with him a unique blend of technical, management and entrepreneurial expertise and a network of the best minds from IIM’s and other top institutes from across the country that constitute the teaching faculty for the course.

Launch of the second course

After an overwhelming response to their first course, the second edition of the Foundation course for Entrepreneurs will begin on November 5th at their Gurgaon location. Mr. Salil Agrawal, Course Director of 91unversity believes that “today’s college education does not deliver the practical knowledge necessary to succeed. In an environment where the government is keen to promote entrepreneurship and a scenario where a significant number of youngsters are wanting to become entrepreneurs even before they finish college, the foundation course is a holistic course that will help these entrepreneurs prepare themselves and improve their chances of success. We are committed to partnering with them in their journey.”

If you want to know more about the Foundation Course, visit for all additional details on course curriculum along with application and admission processes.

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