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8 Startups Rise in Luxury Goods Market in India

Founded by Yash Haresh Mehta, Zokudo is a luxury gifting platform. It allows you as a customer to buy any gift from its portal for anyone and can please them by sending that gift on their email address or mobile phones.

Luxury products are those goods that are not essential but are highly desired and associated with wealthy and affluent people. Luxury brands are loved all over the world for the status and style they provide. Not only that, luxury brands reminds us that “you get what you pay for”. Brands like Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Rolex, Calvin Klein and what not are the most popular and expensive brands. Here is a list of Indian luxury products startups that have started a few years ago and are trying their best to expand and be loved by everyone:


Tata group business venture, Tata unistore launched its much awaited ecommerce platform named It was opened from 27th of May 2016 for the customers along with its websites, mobile apps for android and IOS users both and mobile sites. This portal provides customers shopping experiences, footwear categories and electronic gadgets too. In the next few months, they are preparing to expand their business by adding new brands, categories and more exciting features. The name “clique” came to their mind as it curates the authenticity and represents exclusive products for the customer’s impeccable taste. The “Q” in the logo says magnifying glass, that represents the company’s focus only on the best brands and the products. It offers its services in over 500+ stores of 12 brand partners. Its services are available in the 6858 pin codes across 689 cities and towns and 23 states with 2 union territories. Their main aim is to deliver the brand message of curated, genuine brand forward shopping experience.

2) Zapyle

Zapyle was founded by Rashi Menda, it is a customer 2 customer marketplace. They only use 20% of their closet and 80% of time. The idea that hit her mind to start her own startup was that she wanted to create a marketplace that assists pre-loved clothes and accessories in finding homes in new wardrobes, so that nobody will ever feel that they have nothing to wear. The inspiration behind Zapyle is to discover, sell and buy fashion. They even have an option for the customers to sell their fashion, but only those who are registered on the Zapyle website. They have also a mobile app of this company for both, android and IOS users. For promoting their company, they are partners with the top fashion bloggers that will help in attracting young people through their blogs, social media channels and college evangelist. Recently the company has managed to raise the $1million funding from the different investors in Bangalore.

3) Styletag

This is a Bangalore based startup that was established in 2012 by Sanjay and Yashodhra Shroff along with three other technology professional from the industry Vivek SP, Prashanth HN, Soujanya Sreenath, is currently operational from New Delhi and Mumbai also. Styletag act as a mediator between the couture fashion and affordable fashion for the people from the different small cities. Sanjay and Yashodhra have an experience of 20 years in the industry so for them it was not a new starting, although they consider the to be a natural progression to gravitate towards the online medium. It offers for both Indian man and women and for all age groups. They aim to offer fresh fashion everyday throughout the blend of ethnic and western wear. The company is able to secure RS.50 Crore of funding by the chairman and a managing director at embassy group, Jitu Virmaani. Its main USP is of making luxury apparels affordable.

4) Kidology

Kidology was launched by three people named Karina, Ankur and Neha in 2009. The main aim of Kidology is to develop an Indian fashion brand for the kids of age 0 to 10 and which will appeal to the growing segment of discerning consumers in India and abroad. Their collection includes Indian, western fusion-inspired garments and accessories for girls, boys and newborn to pre-teens. When the company was launched, it did with the flagship store at DLF Promenade Mall, New Delhi. It s even sold out from different multi designer stores of Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Ludhiana. It also retails through its website. At international level also, the company expanded its business. It has presence in multi designers’ stores of Dubai, Singapore, Sydney, and London, New York. They even have a huge list of partners like Cbazaar, Snapdeal, Flipkart, and many others.

5) Rock N Shop

Rock N Shop was launched by sister duo Priya Sachdev and Charu Sachdev, in 2015 with offices in New Delhi. It showcases over 100 labels and is dedicated to supporting retailers and brands to reach out to a highly affluent audience in India. They are a global community of visionary fashion boutiques and 115 brands offering an inspirational shopping experience to fashion forward consumers. Their community also consists of independent boutiques that have an offline or online store, Omni channel boutiques, independent brands and designers directly from around the globe. They are located everywhere from Paris, New York, London and Milan to Dubai and India, but united on one ecommerce platform which is a marketplace. The portal has exclusively joined with many luxury brands such as Celine, Bibhu Mohapatra, Marchesa, Charlotte, Olympia, Clover Canyon, Sophia Webster and many more.

6) Darveys

In 2014, August, Nakul Bajaj founded this company. It has exclusive tie ups with 300 small luxury boutiques and vendors across the globe that ship to luxury brands such as Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Lulu Guinness and many more. The company makes money by collecting 20-30% of commission from the sellers. The beneficial thing for the customers is that it offers all the brands at 30 to 70% less from the Indian retail stores. Darveys is the only ecommerce company that offers twice the price of the product as a refund, if the product failed to meet the authenticity criterion as guaranteed to the consumer. It has also developed the international marketplace model in order to achieve the best possible price for luxury-aspiring Indian consumers. The future plan of this company is to increase the number of designers and boutiques so they can provide an umpteen range of products to our customers. Their future plan focuses on increasing our ranges of boutiques and introducing more designers and reaching untapped areas at prices unavailable before.

7) Zokudo

Founded by Yash Haresh Mehta, it is a luxury gifting platform. It allows you as a customer to buy any gift from its portal for anyone and can please them by sending that gift on their email address or mobile phones. These eGift cards are available in multiple stores of Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and other parts of India as well as many websites. It offers gifts for every celebration, whether it is a baby shower, birthday, wedding, house warming party or Mother’s day. Zokudo was developed as an electronic gifting platform designed to address the pain of today’s luxury gifts sender as well as the final recipient of the gift. Till date the startup has managed to raise funding of RS 5 Crore and is funded by H.M group. The company does not charge anything extra to the customer buying the voucher or the recipient redeeming it. They ensure that the customers get full worth of what they have paid. It even offers two unique features of group gifting and gift registry.

8) Confidential Couture

The company is founded by Anvita Mehra. It is considered to be the first Indian web portal for buying and reselling. They curate, authenticate and resell the pre-owned luxury accessories by international designers at a great value. This portal offers services both as a “moneymaker” if you want to sell your unwanted fashion treasures and “moneysaver” if you as a careful spender wants to buy luxury brand at a less price. Their products interest fashion enthusiasts who strategically plan luxury purchases. Confidential couture sells all their products online. They also offer services in Delhi and Mumbai for private viewing and personal appointment to help people decide better.

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