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Pinky Daga

Pinky Daga is the CEO of Thriive Art & Soul, India’s only state-of-the-art digital portal housing world’s leading directory of verified wellness therapists, and healers, headquartered in Mumbai.

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7 Best Alternative Therapies of 2018 for Corporate Women Leaders

The emotional wounds and negative patterns of childhood often manifest as mental conflicts, emotional drama, and unexplained pains in adulthood.

In a world where our energy signature is becoming more powerful than our digital signature, alternative therapies are the latest “go to” for the entire corporate world. For the vast majority of corporate women leaders, the juggling game is as good as learning how to balance their own energies. More than ever before the vast array of tools and therapies available are miraculous. Here are few of our favorites, most effective and fun, that we’ve experienced over the past year.

1)   Sound Therapy

The latest yet simplest buzz word in the world of therapies, sound therapy is now scientifically proven to induce deep delta brain wave states to activate healing, and dramatically reduce stress. Sound therapy is transforming prominent musicians to healers, and  literally creating waves worldwide. It’s a simple as finding the correct hertz (or sound wave) to match deep levels of the brain that auto produce relaxing, immunity-boosting chemicals in the body. All a lady needs to do is sit back and let the music take over.

2)   Quantum Healing Meditation by Joe Dispenza

For the past few years, Dr. Joe Dispenza has taken the global brain-training scene by storm. His acclaimed best seller “You are the Placebo” sold millions of copies worldwide. If anyone wants to train their mind to create a new body, access unlimited potentials and heal whatever they wish to, they need not look further than the arsenal of meditations or brain training techniques by this brilliant doctor. The lady who’s always believed in magic can find her ultimate wand here.

3)   Inner Child Healing

The emotional wounds and negative patterns of childhood often manifest as mental conflicts, emotional drama, and unexplained pains in adulthood. Trained therapists can pinpoint exactly where these blockages stem from, and help heal the deep wounds. As simple as it sounds, the journey to the past is a tough one. But strong women leaders rarely let the past define their present or create their future. If a lady is ready for a radiant new self, this is the start line!

4) Art therapy with Mandalas

Color anyone? Over the past few years Mandala workshops and books have become quite the rage! No wonder, as even the ancient vedic texts believed in the power of symbols and sacred geometry to correct all imbalances in the body. Colouring mandalas is a deeply meditative experience that brings old wounds to the surface and transforms them to light. Also, a big plus for any women leaders out there: This is by far the most fun way to improve concentration and focus levels!

5) Holographic Healing

The truth, in a world where everything is now 3D, is that the language of the brain is, in reality, holographic images. This is the base of Living from Vision® course founded by Ilona Selke and is at the cutting edge of vibrational healing. It teaches us how to convert our vision and dreams, into actual reality. If you’re a woman leader diligently working on vision and mission statements, there can be no better tool to quickly transform every goal to a fact.

6)   Dream Analysis 

So, this one is for all the dreamers out there! Dreams speak in the specific language of symbols. No, they aren’t just weird disjointed things thrown out by our tired subconscious minds. They are, in truth, clear analytical messages that the brain is trying to convey to the conscious mind. For all the women leaders out there, finding a dream analyst who can decode this symbolic language can help guide them through all those tough decisions!

7)   Chi-Organiser

Electromagnetic pollution, cellular radiation, wi-fi pollution are today’s daily monsters. Be it the cellphone or the cell towers, the Uber you travel in or the laptops you work on, e-pollution is all around you. But all true women leaders are rarely helpless in the face of anything! And the best way to wage war against the modern-day enemy is The Chi-Organiser, an energy device that negates the harmful radiation effects, and rejuvenates and balances the energy body.

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