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Pulkit Punj

Pulkit Punj is the Director at AnG India Ltd., one of the leading Electronic Security Solution Specialists in India. Helming the business development faction of the organization, Pulkit assists in diversifying clientele base, through acquiring new customers and maintaining a ground of loyalty with the existing base. With an expertise in identifying new sales leads, assisting in pitching products and services, Pulkit prepares his organization to meet the emerging demands of security needs for the domestic market. His objective lies in making AnG one of the biggest e-surveillance providers in the security solutions industry, with global recognition.

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5 Ways Technology can Boost Home Security

Today, technology has not only made life simple and streamlined but has also ensured safety through all corners.

CCTV House

In today’s day and age, technology is constantly evolving, leading to a radical shift in how we safeguard our environment. Emergence of cutting-edge technology such as Internet of Things (IoT) has helped boost home security systems. These systems have not only created revolutionary developments in security considerations but have also caused a massive altercation from completely manual systems to fully-automated security frameworks.

However, in India, fully automated home security system is an up-and-coming branch of technology. These services are often limited to basic utilities such as automated doors and windows, but at the same time, are drastically evolving with each passing minute.

Therefore, sophisticated home solutions are the answer to the evolving business landscape. So, without further ado, let’s discuss 5 ways technology can boost home security.

  • Remote Monitoring

Major advantage of using automated home security kit is that it lets you have full control over every aspect of your home. Even if you are away, you have full access to real-time videos and images.

Smart technologies allow user-control over heating, lighting, sound and security settings, without the trouble of having to manually perform such actions. Nowadays, quality security solutions provide the ability to stream security feed, sensor movement and send alerts to authorities, in case of thefts and break-ins.

  • Affordable Smart Camera

Smart cameras have become an indispensible part of every modern home. These devices have a high quality, wide lens CCTV camera. We call them “smart “since these cameras are motion sensitive and only capture those moments where some kind of movement is detected. This in turn saves resources and money as it avoids storage of unnecessary data and necessary surveillance data is stored on cloud (and not independent servers).

Therefore, this is a stupendous achievement in the field of technology since smart cameras are often high on quality and low on price.

  • Home Sensors

Due to high security needs of society, advanced home sensors are becoming a household necessity and many enterprises are stepping up to deliver best-in-class products. These, smart home security products/ solutions can sense your presence and light up the hallway and unlock doors automatically. These security kits work on the principle of motion sensing and can be simply controlled by remote devices such as smart phones and tablets.

New-age technologies also provide services where if a burglar tries to break in, it automatically sends alerts to your phones and trigger alarms.

  • Fingerprint Scanning Devices

Since the past decade, finger print scanning devices have dominated the businesses worldwide and created a strong market for itself. Currently, finger print scanning is not only used for providing automated services such as on door locks, lockers, mobile phones but also aids in building a firewall against malicious attacks and unlawful activities as it implements strict access control.

  • Security Alarm Panels(PIR & Glass break detectors)

The immensely popular home security systems come in the form of Alarm panel's, with a multitude of functions and a varied range of interconnected products. They provide a wide array of home security products; it collectively consists of a two way door and window sensor, glass breaker detector, PIR detector, smart sensor camera and a remote control key along with a video data backup.

These alarm sensors have different modes such as standby, home or away which could be set accordingly. These systems are becoming a worthwhile security option, also an attractive alternative to mainstream security options. They can be easily linked to remote devices including smart phones and tablets. They can be credited to their versatile nature largely because of the simplicity and convenience that they provide to home owners.


The dawn of technology in home security systems have enormously reduced human effort through sophisticated security tools which have significantly reduced threats such as theft, burglary and so on. Today, technology has not only made life simple and streamlined but has also ensured safety through all corners.

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