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5 Startups That have Joined the Yoga Business

Yoga, a lifestyle choice has now become a base for startups.

In the world, where people are stressed due to their hectic schedules, practicing yoga became the way to relax their soul and be a human being with a good heart and a sharp mind. Though it is the Indian Art but it came under notice in 1990’s when it was telecast on Television. Soon it became famous among the celebrities and the common flocks.

With increasing popularity of yoga among the youth, many startups have got entry in this field in the last few years. Below is the list:

Yoga Jal

Yoga Jal is a Bangalore based startup which was founded by Deepak Ugrappa and Nayana Ugrappa in 2015. Seeing people becoming more aware about fitness and a healthy life, they introduced drinks which are sourced from organic farms and with ayurvedic benefits instead of sugar and decaf. It has products like Tulsi cooler, Healthy Hibiscus, Ginger Mint Jalwa and Woodapple Twister. It is the only kava drink available to the Indian customers in ready to drink form. It is anti-oxidant, hydrator, balancer and a thirst quencher. This drink is available on many online platforms like Goodbox, Shophealthy, Indiamart, Amazon, etc.

Karma Spark

Karma Spark is a Gurgaon based startup which was founded by Idi Srinivas Murthy and popular Yoga & Naturopathy Doctor Runvijay. The startup is blended of modern diagnostics and traditional yoga to cure chronic disorders. It offers Clinical Yoga therapy for womens to cure diseases like PCOD / PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Disorder/Syndrome).Their program consist of yoga therapy and diet advice. It is QCI certified from the government of India.

Forever Yoga

Forever Yoga is a Bangalore based startup which was founded by Amit Chand, Sivabalan, and Kshama Menon. Its mission was to create clothing which makes people comfortable while performing different forms of asanas. Also their clothing eventually became the part of daily clothing of people as they didn’t only focus on yoga or sports outfit but a comfortable outfit for people. Clothing from forever yoga is available on many online platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc.

Yoga Centre

Yoga Centre is a Bangalore based startup which was founded by Akshar. Its motive was to spread peace, happiness and the spirit of healthy life to each human being living on the planet earth. It has created an international platform for the people to learn yoga from its birthplace. It organises various events of different levels of yoga and has provided people with different kind of courses with different benefits. For e.g., Ashkar yoga, Power yoga, Ashkar yoga for corporate, etc.  Benefits of Akshar yoga is flexibility, weight management and strength. Also it provided teaching training courses in the field of yoga.


Qriyo is a Mumbai based startup which was founded by Rishabh Jain, and Mudit Jain in the year 2015. It aims at bringing students, gurus and teachers of yoga under one roof and teaches them different courses of yoga. It provides more than 300 courses to the learners, majorly yoga. It provides courses like General Fitness Yoga, Power Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, Meditation and even regular or alternative day sessions. It has spread in many cities of India like Jaipur, Jodhpur, etc. Also, it facilitates the gurus and students with application available on mobile phones.

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