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Aarti Pandey

Aarti Pandey is Cofounder at Folk Fitness.

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5 Reasons Why Startups Should Include Fitness Routines At Workplace

Team Building Dance Classes and workshops are an ideal way to improve communication and coordination in the office.

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Over the past few years, the Indian fitness industry has witnessed a tremendous change. Several workspaces have now installed in-house gyms and health clubs which encourage their employees to engage themselves into a fitness routine. While this one of the key responsibility for the Human Resources team of an MNC, Startups focus more meeting deadlines and proving their net-worth. During this struggle and timeless hard work, the best thing for a startup to make mandatory is a regular dance fitness routine and here’s why:

  • Improves Mood and Productivity: Dance and productivity go hand in hand as there is a much bigger release of endorphins when you dance. Experiments on cognitive benefits of dancing were conducted and proved by the University researchers at York and Sheffield. Dancing improves problem-solving skills and boosts the mood levels of the employees. Study shows that dancing even for five minutes can boost happiness and improve creative-thinking patterns. Hence, a dance oriented fitness routine can clear clogged up thoughts and help process ideas better and faster as it stimulates brain activity.
  • Great Stress Reliever: Startup culture is a cool concept but one of the best words to describe their daily lives would most likely be stress. Given the pressure that any start-up face, engaging the employees into a dance fitness program would help lower stress levels. Dance fitness is not only an outlet of expression, but also an outlet to break out of all the work and personal stress in the employees’ life. Dance fitness releases the neurotransmitter, endorphins, which serve to alleviate stress. Thus, after a good workout session, the endorphins cause the body to feel calm and optimistic.
  • Best Team Building Activity: Forming a positive environment in a start-up is always an additional bonus. Since dance oriented fitness routines are usually carried out in groups, initiating such routines at the workplace can help form stronger bonds amongst employees. Most of the dance fitness instructors base their fitness routine around surprising the group and leading them through a learning experience. This helps employees to let go of their inhibitions and actually move together.
  • Saves Space and Money: While investing in an in-house gym may not always fit in the budget of every start-up, a dance oriented fitness routine helps save up the expenses as the sole requirement would be space, time and a music system. Since heading to a gym after long hours at work wouldn’t be everyone’s ideal choice, access to a quick workout session at work is the best solution for all those who are workaholics and hope to have fitness in their life.
  • Sense of Inclusiveness: Every organisation comprises of employees from various parts of the country. While there are several western conceptualised fitness routines that most of us are acquainted with, a fitness routine that is an amalgamation of Indian folk dances, folk music and fitness can help create a sense of belongingness amongst the employees. While people will not only relate better to Indian music, you are also indirectly part of promoting Indian culture.

Team Building Dance Classes and workshops are an ideal way to improve communication and coordination in the office. I strongly believe that this practice would have a positive impact on the atmosphere and increase productivity amongst employees.

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