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5 Coolest Indian Startups To Work For In 2021 And Onwards

Keeping in mind the newly discovered job priorities, here are the top 4 startups with some incredible work culture that you can and should consider working for.

The pandemic has blurred the boundaries between office and home, redefining the meaning of a dream job. Today, the new-age employees seek more flexibility and job autonomy to strike a perfect (or near-perfect) balance between the personal and professional lives. Keeping in mind the newly discovered job priorities, here are the top 4 startups with some incredible work culture that you can and should consider working for.

Appy Pie: Indian tech startup community has hurled innovative work culture inspired by best practices worldwide and within the country. Many young businesses in this sector have set great examples in varied aspects, from ingenious products to employee well-being. One such fantastic initiative has been taken by India’s premier no-code application development firm Appy Pie. Considering the insecurities and safety issues that every human being is facing due to COVID, the company is in the process of vaccinating its entire staff. At the time when vaccination is being performed in phases due to limited production, Appy Pie is out there to ensure all its employees, who are eligible as per government norms to get vaccinated. The company was quick to upgrade its employee insurance policy to provide better health protection. It is a precious addition, and the firm indeed has an employee-first approach in everything they do.

Shift Freight: Shift Freight is India’s top-rated on-demand packers and movers aggregator. The company has embraced the remote working model very well, and employees join work from all over the country, also the world. Irrespective of the adjustments in their working style, the company continues to be customer-oriented and regularly trains its employees on this aspect. To ensure success in their goals, they have created a Happiness Center where detailed feedback from their customers is analyzed. While it may seem a routine activity, but staying put with their company goals at the time of Pandemic to ensure happiness among their customers and employees is not an easy task. The most incredible initiative by Shift Freight is hiring professionals who have lost their job during the Pandemic. If you seek to work with a highly professional, empathy-driven company, Shift Freight could be your go-to-place next. Also, with almost 80% female staff, the workplace is brimming with female-friendly policies such as hassle-free maternity leaves and more.

MSB Docs: When the pandemic hit the job market hard in an unprecedented manner, many people faced the burnt by losing their jobs. The situation wasn’t great for the professionals with a job either. Many companies decided to pay only a part of their salary to survive the pandemic, but not MSB Docs. In 2020 and even today, the company has neither laid off any of their employees nor have they deducted their staff’s salaries. MSB Docs is one of the leading smart document and eSignature Indian firms and has national as well as international clients. During the pandemic, the company witnessed a sudden increase in demand for their services and registered good growth in the previous year.

Cure.Fit: Cure.Fit is a go to brand for those enthusiastic and concerned about their fitness. Their services include workout regimes, yoga, healthy diet chart and mental wellbeing. The company follows the same mantra when it comes to its workforce. All employees at Cure.Fit have flexible working hours, giving them to choose the timeframe in which they want to work. What makes the company an amazing workplace is also the fact that there is no hierarchy, providing each employee the scope to go the extra mile and achieve results as per their preferred modus operandi. The company further has a no ‘leave policy’ per se to ensure that the employees are always energetic and take time off as per their preference.

Oyo: A brand known for its hospitality by making each guest feel at home is no different when it comes to being an employer. For at least two consecutive years, Oyo has been ranked among LinkedIn’s hottest Indian startups to work for. The feat was achieved by Oyo on the basis of if employment growth, engagement with employees and virtue of pulling top talent. Healthcare and child care are two domains where Oyo takes the edge as the startup to work for, needless to say, the staff members also get adequate financial security with the firm.

If you are looking for a new job or looking to re-enter the job market, we recommend you not to join the firm only basis the salary and benefits offered. The pandemic, which we are still trying to control, has taught us the importance of survival. You must look at various policies, job flexibility, and the firm's financial health before accepting any job opportunity.

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