4 Women Leaders To Watchout For This Women's Day

Here’s to you! Celebrating the successful women leaders this International Women’s Day.

March 8th is celebrated as International Women’s Day every year, a worldwide event that recognises and rejoices the achievement of women leaders across the world. From convention sectors to new age business, women leaders are now venturing across different verticals such as technology, marketing, health, tourism and what not!  Breaking the stereotypes of society, these leaders are changing the business landscapes and making their mark everywhere.

Here are 4 powerful women who are making a bigger impact across different industries.

Dolly Kumar, Founder & Director, Cosmic Nutracos
A cosmetic engineer, an entrepreneur and a business leader, Dolly Kumar is the Founder and Director of Cosmic Nutracos Solutions Pvt. Ltd., the parent company of leading FMCG brands Gaia and Skinella. Gaia is a health and wellness brand, while Skinella is a skincare brand. As the Director, she is at the helm of all business strategies and decision making in the organisation. A B.Tech in Cosmetic Engineering from Nagpur University, Dolly Kumar holds extensive industry experience and have held leadership positions at several leading organisations before making her entrepreneurial venture with Cosmic Nutracos in 2007.Dolly Kumar’s uncanny market knowledge combined with an intuitive approach to the industry has been invaluable to the growth of Cosmic Nutracos and its retail brands Gaia and Skinella.

Swati Bhargava- Cofounder, CashKaro

Swati is a global entrepreneur, who along with Co-Founder, Rohan Bhargava has turned around India’s online shopping landscape. Together they ensure users save money in the form of Cashback whenever they shop online and make CashKaro a household name. A  Fortune 40 under 40 entrepreneur, Swati is an exemplary leader with over 15 years of work experience. At CashKaro she spearheads departments like Investor Relations, Marketing & PR, Strategic Partnerships & Alliances among other domains.

Michelle Boockoff-Bajdek- CMO, Skillsoft

Michelle Boockoff-Bajdek (BB) leads a global marketing organization focused on helping companies unlock the hidden value inside their greatest asset – their people. In her role as the Chief Marketing Officer of Skillsoft, Michelle is responsible for the company’s marketing strategy to drive growth, generate awareness, and drive demand for Skillsoft solutions among learners, customers, and partners. She oversees all key functions, including customer marketing, corporate communications, demand generation, marketing operations and business development. Most importantly, she serves as the company’s brand evangelist, helping to build a vibrant community of passionate learners.

 Divya Jain, Founder and CEO, Safeducate

Divya Jain is the Founder and CEO of Safeducate, India’s largest training, skilling and consulting firm that specializes in the domains of Supply Chain Management & Logistics. She spearheads the corporate training initiative by hiring and nurturing trainers, interacting with different stakeholders to design and cost-effectively impart training sessions in over 50 cities in India. By doing so she has trained and empowered more than 20,000 women giving them freedom and power to live the way they want and also allows them to identify their skills, knowledge & abilities to make their own decisions.

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