4 Startups to Watch Out in Nagpur This Year

Being the third largest city of Maharashtra, Nagpur is a major commercial centre for enthusiastic people who are introducing new technologies for startups.

India is famous for it’s rapid growth and diverse ideas and frugal innovation. The startup system is hitting Nagpur- “the orange city”, is purely being developed for investors. 

Being the third largest city of Maharashtra, Nagpur is a major commercial centre for enthusiastic people who are introducing new technologies for startups. Many companies have started establishing their base in Nagpur. This city offers great investment potential and growth prospects.

Here are some recent startups in Nagpur to watch in 2017.

1. STARTUP NAME : Kizora Software Pvt. Limited


FOUNDER : Rahul Tarnekar and Abhijeet Thakare 

DESCRIPTION : Kizora Software Pvt. Limited is a software company located in Nagpur that provides IT services to small and mid-size business in India and overseas. The company has a team of software professionals who can quickly understand, learn, develop and deliver software to customers. The company is poised to provide advantage of lean execution to its customers in software development, maintenance, support and technical documentation.

TRACTION : The company raised $100k on $ September 2015 recently. Its authorized share capital is Rs. 1,000,000 and its paid up capital is Rs. 600,000. 

2. STARTUP NAME : Foodbymood

 FOUNDER :  Sangharakshak Neel

 DESCRIPTION: Being a Nagpur-based startup, Foodbymood app allow foodies to explore dishes around the city. It tells you the must try dishes at all restaurants. They will also help you in ordering at restaurant with their menu. 

TRACTION: FreeWebsiteReport estimates for a valuation of $890 for its visitor traffic.’s recent traffic shows a 15.98% positive growth. 

3. STARTUP NAME :   Lemon Ideas Innovations Private Ltd. 

FOUNDER : Deepak Menaria 

DESCRIPTION : Lemon ideas is first of it’s kind attempts on Talent Innovations. It works with selected individuals, institutions and organisations to bring ideas into reality. Lemon ideas help academic projects and ideas of people in general connect to the real world and make a positive push towards the entrepreneur journey.

TRACTION : The company has a goal to nurture and support 1000 entrepreneurs and innovators by 2020. This means 100 startups/ new ventures and 50,000 jobs to be crated by LEMON platform. 

4. STARTUP NAME : Humble Khichdi 

FOUNDER : Manish Khanchandani and Sagar Bhajani

DESCRIPTION : Khichdi has been an integral part of our meal since centuries.Khichdiwala founders strongly believe that the fast food available today is unhealthy. So it is their conscious attempt to serve items which are ‘healthy’ and what could be better than khichadi. Always regarded as a ‘staple diet for patients’, the duo are working on ‘rebranding’ khichadi by offering this in different flavours at affordable prices through their outlet. 

TRACTION : The maximum number of orders are served to the techies who come in during the lunch break. On a typical day, they cater to anywhere between 120-130 khichadi orders. The prices are equally attractive – it ranges between Rs 45 and Rs 120.

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