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3 Memorable Startup Twitter Wars

When someone on Quora asked, “What are best Twitter war between companies/ startups in India?” people replied with their favourite warring moments. Here you go. Featured are all the suspects you can think of.

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1. DineOut vs Zomato – The issue of who was the first to enable online table reservation in India.

Quoran Prasant Naidu writes on 19th September, 2015, “Dineout is India’s first table reservation service founded in 2012…” DineOut was okay when EazyDiner founded in 2014 claimed this title in an article but it was not okay when Zomato tried doing the same, he writes.

It started with DineOut sending an open letter to Zomato over twitter. The letter started with congratulations but went on to, “While it might not be ambitious for you to want to be first in the market with Table Reservations – it is definitely wrong to assume that just by saying so, it will be true.”

Then the company handed the line, “ was started in February 2012 – approximately 1,300 days before Zomato Book.”

Zomato’s reply proved to be the start of a spat: “Awwww, so cute. We meant we want to be #1, not the first. You can have that : - )”

2. Flipkart vs Snapdeal: The issue of which ecomm company was doing worse

Quoran Prem Kale wrote on 30th March, 2016, “…there has been news of Chinese giant Alibaba entering India and start their business. Before this, Alibaba has invested in many Indian companies including snapdeal, paytm.”

So this is when cofounder of ex-CEO of Flipkart, Sachin Bansal, twitter-jibed "Alibaba deciding to start operations directly shows how badly their Indian investments have done so far."

And Kunal Bahl, cofounder of Snapdeal responded in snappy style, "Didn't Morgan Stanley just flush 5bn worth market cap in Flipkart down the (toilet)? Focus on business not commentary :)"

3. Ola and TaxiForSure vs Uber – No real issue. Perhaps it was a lazy day at work and decided to jibe each other.

Quoran Himanshu Sachdeva wrote on 26th September, about the spat between the online taxi companies.

It starts with Ola and TaxiForSure having a conversation about how great the two are. In fact Ola had acquired TaxiForSure in early 2015. Ola tweeted: “@taxiforsure We have the biggest fleet, you have the most economical cabs – are you thinking what we are thinking?”

TaxiForSure replied, “@Olacabs All you have to do is ask!!”

Uber decided to crash their online bonding moment with a caption that read: “While they do their thing, you can continue to enjoy uberGO rides at Rs. 7/KM”

To which Ola went from bromancing mode to defensive mode: @Uber_India At 7X you mean?”

Shots fired all around. Bring out the popcorn.

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