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13 Essential Tools You Must Have in Your New Office Kitchen

COASTERS- It keeps your furniture safe from all kinds of drinks and beverages. And also these colourful coasters look good on the table and make it a bit presentable.

Starting a business of your own is always exciting. It is a great feeling to wake up in the morning and leaving home for your own office. There comes great responsibilities that are to be finished before working in your office. It is like your second home where you have to work a lot and meet your deadlines. All this comes when you start a startup. You need to set the furniture and set all other necessary things needed which is way to important for the who will work there for long hours.

There should be a small kitchen area which should have items like microwave, some utensils, snacks and beverages for the employees. It is another important thing apart from having bathrooms, furniture, and all the necessary electric appliances etc.

Generally startups end up their meetings in their office. For leaving a good impression on them you should always end up with a good, good bye. For all this setting up your Cook House (Kitchen).


MINI FRIDGE- It has actually become a very important part of our daily life. If you spend almost a lot of your time in the office and you get your food along then you definitely need this appliance to presevre your food until you eat it. There are usually parties to celebrate occasions. Like it can be somebody’s birthdayir maybe getting a bigger contract then before ad then ordering a extra amount of food. And then surely nobody would like to waste such delicious food so you can store it easily.

MICROWAVE- We all bring food from home which eventually gets cold either because of our long distance from home to office or because of leaving early for office. And if not that then it might be because of working for long and the keeping the food on wait to be eaten. This appliance can always make your food hot and fresh. You can also make beverages like Coffee, Tea, Soup etc. You can as well as even make some basic snacks in the microwave in the odd hours when you get hungry during work.

COFFEE MAKER- Coffee is always a stress buster to you. When you get tired and sleepy sitting at a place and working for hours continously. Coffee makes you feel fresh so its important for you to have coffee maker in your office. Therefore, coffee maker should be there in every kitchen.

TEA/ COFFEE CUPS- Having good presentable cups are important. When there are guests in the office, serving Coffee, Tea etc in good cups leaves a great impression on the people who have visited.

BIG BOWLS/ SMALL BOWLS- While having your lunch you can use these bowls. You can also use them for various other things as well in your working hours.

PLATES- Just like your bowls, one can also use the plates during their lunch time or to serve something.

SPOONS & FORKS- You can’t carry your utensils from home on the daily basis. So, having spoons & forks in the office kitchen makes your life a bit easier.

WATER BOTTLES- I prefer bottles is because they help us to keep the count of water you have consumed in the entire day. As water is very important to our body to survive. Well, you also don’t have to keep standing for your turn to fill your glass and then have water. It save a bit of time as well.

STORAGE BOX- Storing your namkeens, biscuits etc or the other raw snacks you definately need a storage box because keeping them all open will eventually destroy the flavour and the food as well. Storing things into different boxes also helps the place to look neat and tidy.

GLASSES- For a small kitchen this is the first and the fore most thing to buy. You can buy both fancy and simple glasses. The simple ones for the daily use and the fancy ones only for the guests or people who come from out side to visit your office.

UTENSIL STAND- It helps you to organise your appliances and utensils in the kitchen. It also makes things easier, as you remember that which thing you have kept on which part of the stand.

COASTERS- It keeps your furniture safe from all kinds of drinks and beverages. And also these colourful coasters look good on the table and make it a bit presentable.

DUSTBINS- You cannot survive without this anywhere. It is the very important to have a clean dustbin in your kitchen as you would not like going out again again to throw your garbage in the public dustbin. Therefore clean dustbin is necessary.

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