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‘House Of Kieraya’ (HoK) Forays Into Luxury With Prava

Prava offers luxurious limited-edition annual collections that have been created by award-winning designers keeping sustainability at its core.

House of Kieraya (HoK) is on track to becoming India’s largest furniture and lifestyle brand, with its latest addition, Prava, which aims to achieve 100 crores GMV in one year. Prava offers luxurious limited-edition annual collections that have been created by award-winning designers keeping sustainability at its core.

Prava, adapted from the Sanskrit word Pravaha, means to flow or to move freely. The brand aspires to transform how people own furniture and promises change through innovative and revolutionary ideas. With one-of-its-kind annual collections and the Freedom Circle programme, the upscale furniture brand aims to enable luxury shopping that’s gentler on the planet.

Prava’s Freedom Circle programme is aimed at revolutionising the luxury furniture retail market with a 10-year buy-back guarantee, thus enabling customers to not only purchase a product but also giving them the freedom to give it back for credits that can be redeemed to take home new designs.

The array of products currently available on the website are sofas, beds, soft furnishings, dining, study tables, rugs and home decor items, with key categories priced in the range of Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 1,00,000.

Ajith Karimpana, CEO and Founder, House of Kieraya (HoK) said, “At HoK we are building a house of brands with sustainability at its heart. With Prava, we will be strengthening our core proposition of offering unique solutions to all our customers at every phase of their lives, thereby moving towards HoK’s target of achieving ₹7500 crores in revenue by 2026.” 

He added, “Prava’s launch is a step ahead towards HoK’s mission to becoming India’s largest furniture and lifestyle brand by 2026”.

With Prava, HoK taps into the luxury and home lifestyle market, aimed at 30-45-year-olds who are well-informed and discerning, along with being style and well-being conscious. These individuals love to discover and experiment with their lifestyle purchases.

Vaibhav Laddha, Head of Prava, shares, “A digital-first luxury furniture and home lifestyle brand, Prava is all set to revolutionize how furniture is bought and owned. With Prava we are aiming to hit 100 cr in the next year. Our annual collections will showcase a blend of well-designed, functional furniture with trend-driven aesthetics. Prava’s furniture is not just manufactured, but created for the modern Indian, by our award-winning design team.”

Laddha further elucidated, “Prava as a brand aims to bring a long-overdue innovation to the luxury furniture and lifestyle market. By introducing an industry first proposition of Freedom Circle, our buy-back guarantee will ensure that none of our products hit the landfill without a life well-lived. Every piece of furniture we take back is refurbished and remanufactured to get a second life and a new home. ”

While HoK serves 13 major urban cities in India, Prava is currently being launched in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore; other cities will follow soon. The brand is also exploring an omnichannel approach, with stores for customers to touch and feel their products before they make a purchase.

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