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#Feedback : What Entrepreneurs Say About BW Disrupt

BW Disrupt is celebrating its 1st anniversary today and conducted a feedback program in which founders and investors have shared their views about the platform.

In today's competitive business world, customer feedback is very important to improve business, product or service. It offers the best way to measure customer satisfaction and provides actionable insight to create a consistent, personalised customer experience. Offering a better experience than your competitors keeps your customers coming back and it is a best way to stand out from the competition.

BW Disrupt, an initiative of BW Businessworld, was launched on 30th December 2015 to capture the growing buzz of entrepreneurship in the Indian startup ecosystem. The company is celebrating its 1st anniversary today and conducted a feedback program in which founders and investors have shared their views about the platform.

The following are the feedback quotes which we received from the entrepreneurs:

“BW Disrupt is doing a great job as they care value of startup and share their success, funding etc. As knew from Sujata, it is just one year old, but have captured good market, as it is considered as one of top five startup websites. The most important thing is you people are too punctual publish news before else one do. I personally contributed few knowledge and experience that I achieved from my 4 years of professional career. Keep rocking BW Disrupt!, “ said Sawaram Suthar, Founder & CEO, Jagat Media.

"Wishing BW Disrupt a very Happy Birthday. We have had a great experience working with you and we look forward to more fruitful collaborations. The team has given us awe-inspiring startup stories and deep insight of the ecosystem in 2016. Here's to many more years of amazing storytelling," said Bhavik Chinai, CEO of Vamaship.

"On behalf of BookYourGame, we extend our heartiest congratulations to the entire team of BW Disrupt for completing one year. It was a great experience collaborating with you guys. We believe 2017 is going to be a great year for the startup ecosystem, and we look forward to associating with BW Disrupt to bring forward compelling content in the coming year," said Devi Prasad Biswal, CEO, BookYourGame.

“BW Disrupt is a go-to platform for entrepreneurs and startup community. I have been religiously following the work and I feel they will definitely go a long way,” said Ruchika: Co-Founder & CMO, Jewelove.

Ashwani Rathore, Co-Founder & CEO, SpiderG, said, “It is a great platform for entrepreneurs and aspiring youth to follow for understanding the Startup ecosystem in detail. BW Disrupt is doing a great job with this initiative for the betterment of young entrepreneurs. In 2016 I have read some of the fascinating stories of young entrepreneurs on BW Disrupt. I would like to congratulate BW Disrupt team for providing us such rich content and good stories. I wish them all the best and look forward to read upcoming exciting stories on entrepreneurs.”

“BW Disrupt salutes the entrepreneurial spirit and encourages individuals to not only start writing their own stories, but also supports them by offering ample mentorship and content formulation. As a platform, BW Disrupt never fails to guide our fellows from the startup community with relevant news, insights and analysis related to our ecosystem,” said Ranjit Thakur, Founder, Media Konnect.

Saurabh Arora, Founder & CEO, Lybrate said
 “The role media plays is very critical in propagating the message about what various startups are doing, and if what they are doing is actually solving any real problem. The unbiased way in which it is reported by media builds the credibility of a startup, unlike the marketing efforts where the initiatives are driven by the companies themselves and are bound to portray them in positive light. BW Disrupt has been very insightfully and intricately capturing the startup stories and all the developments around it. We wish the platform good luck.”

Nilesh Aggarwal, Co- Founder, eMediNexus said “Media plays a very important role in analyzing and portraying the role that startups play. Being the medium through which startups can communicate the motive of their ​​existence/ operations, the role of media is indispensable. To a large extent, media builds the credibility of companies and the work they are doing. BW Disrupt has been discerning enough to portray the good work that startups are doing in their particular industry and thus has been a constant source of motivation for us. BW Disrupt commendably brought out the need of an integrated platform like eMediNexus and the role it plays in keeping the doctor's updated with the latest news, technologies, procedures, drugs and information helping them being abreast with the rapidly evolving field of medicine. We wish BW Disrupt many more years of success.​”

Abhayanand Singh, COO & Co-founder, quoted “BW Disrupt since its inception has been a supportive entity for start-ups and entrepreneurs. The platform has helped gain recognition to various startups thereby boosting the spirit of start-up ecosystem in the country. It provides a detailed analysis and insights about various industry trends making us aware of the market. I have subscribed to get notifications of articles that appear on BW Disrupt therefore keeping myself updated.”

Vikram Duggal, Consultant, Unitus Seed Fund (Director – Kolkata chapter, founder Institute) said, "Businessworld is a much respected brand all over India, and I personally have had the privilege of knowing and working with some of the top executives and management gurus that have been associated with and built this company over the years. BW Disrupt is yet another fantastic initiative from their stables and it can play a pivotal role in helping build and strengthen the startup ecosystem all across the country by leveraging the network and legacy of Businessworld."

"BW Disrupt is a holistic platform covering the startup ecosystem, identifying disruptions in their infancy and providing a voice to the startup community,” said Deepak Kothari, Co-founder at ftcash.

Betrand Yella, Managing Director, IBEE Hosting, said, “I congratulate BW Disrupt on their 1st anniversary, it’s been a wonderful year reading your articles and sharing knowledge on building start-ups, funding and other aspects for any upcoming entrepreneurs. BW Disrupt is my default page in my computer, it’s an addiction that I read all news and articles once I wake up everyday, immense learning up to date information on current affairs in business world. ”

“BW Disrupt is one of the most popular platforms that not only covers news and development but also shares in-depth insights and analysis of the global trends that will have an impact on the startup environment of our country. It’s almost like a lifeline that shares stories, snippets and memoirs of various entrepreneurs from all walks of life who have achieved their dreams through focus and vision,” said Lubeina Shahpurwala, Co-founder, Mustang Socks.

“We congratulate BW Disrupt for completing one year of eventful existence. BW disrupt has emerged as one of the most read, startup-oriented online platform, basis the stellar and inspiring content. While media is covering India startup Ecosystem extensively, BW Disrupt clearly stands out, for continuously sharing fresh insights and perspectives. We wish BW Disrupt a great year ahead,” said Prateek Bhargava, CEO and Founder,

“Congratulations to BW Disrupt on turning one! The team is accessible, approachable and open to discussions and ideas and have done a good job of putting together news and features around the startup ecosystem. As an entrepreneur, I understand these qualities are important. Best wishes for a strong future!” said Suhasini Mehta, Director, Stellant Communications.

Priyanka Agarwal, Founder, Uptownie 101, said,
“BW Disrupt manages to definitely stand out as a platform that publishes curated and well - edited information. It has a certain gloss associated with as it makes the read both interesting and informative at the same time.”

“BW Disrupt has done a tremendous job, giving startups the recognition and mileage it deserves in a short span. It is a platform catering to the needs of the startup network where women entrepreneurs, investors, startups get an opportunity to build a foundation for their passion in the field they want to pursue. On completing a fruitful and glorious year, I would like to wish BW Disrupt all the best in continuing the great work,” said Swati Nathani, Business Head and Co-Founder, Team Pumpkin.

"Congrats on your one year milestone! BW Disrupt have been a prominent node in the startup ecosystem by providing everyone with sharp insights & analysis of the current trends, relevant content about mentors, investors and ventures that will change the ecosystem for better. I am sure there will be many more years of great work ahead. Best Wishes," said Geetansh Bamania, 27, Co-Founder Rentomojo.

Satish Kannan, CEO & Founder, DocsApp, said, "Congratulations on turning one! 2016 has been quite eventful for all of us in the startup space. The demonetisation decision took the country by storm.The wish has been granted, the addressable size for digital payments has grown manifolds, it is now left up to all of us to make it either a boon or a bane!"

Bhawna Agarwal, CEO, Gadgets 360, said,
“BW Disrupt is a platform which facilitates the start-up spirit of the entrepreneurs very well. It provides the mentorship and guidance which new entrepreneurs need and goads them in the right direction. The content published on the platform provides sharp insights into the startup ecosystem of the country. Being an entrepreneur myself, I absolutely love browsing the platform to read about new entrepreneurs, success stories, disrupting start-ups across industries and the engaging interviews of founders.”

Prakash Rengarajan and Bhaskar Raju Konduru, Co-Founders, HelloClass said,
"The cornerstone of every startup is a strong communications strategy. The media helps raise awareness about a start-ups products and services, inspires entrepreneurship and helps them reach out to potential investors. BW Disrupt is a great platform as it allows us to stay updated about the newest entrants in the field, learn from key learnings of other successful entrepreneurs and let's us share our journey with potential investors and users. We thank them for featuring HelloClass on their platform. The story filed by them was in-depth and beautifully portrayed our vision of finding a solution to the issue of accessibility of quality education in India. We wish them all the best.”

Dr. Shikha Sharma, Founder, Dr. Shikha’s NutriHealth said, “The media plays an extremely important role in the growth and evolution of the startup ecosystem. It connects startups to potential investors and simultaneously raises awareness about their products and services amongst the masses. It also helps inspire people to become entrepreneurs and turn their ideas into a potential business. BW Disrupt is a great platform that not only showcases the inspirational stories of successful startups to the world but also let's entrepreneurs share their key learnings with new players in the field. We thank the team at BW Disrupt for featuring Dr Shikha's NutriHealth which offers comprehensive health and diet management programmes by bringing together modern medicine techniques and ayurvedic principles. We wish them all the very best for all future endeavors.”

Varun Alagh, Founder, mamaearth, said,
“We wish the magazine great times ahead. For the last one year it has been doing a great service by bringing forth the stories of genuine startups that can make a difference in the competitive world. We wish that the efforts gain more and more readers making the magazine a must read for the people who wants to keep an eye on the corporate world and for the people who appreciate the efforts of emerging businessmen. BW Disrupt is indeed the voice of Startups and emerging businessmen.”

Swati Bhargava – Co-founder,, said, “Congratulations on your first anniversary! Your passion and commitment to bring forth original & engaging content around startups and entrepreneurship has definitely put BW Disrupt at a pedestal position amongst other seasoned journals and readers in a short span of time. I wish you many more years of success and will continue to support you in all your future endeavors.”

Sidharth Gupta, co-founder of Treebo Hotels said, "I congratulate BW Disrupt on their first anniversary. Their deep, well-rounded perspective on various aspects of the startup ecosystem is contributing immensely to building wider understanding and recognition of the industry. I wish them luck and more success in the coming years".

Amaresh Ojha, CEO and Founder, Gympik, said, “With many startups trying to survive the rat-race, BW Disrupt is one that joins the bandwagon of success and consistently establishing the fact that tap has not run dry for the deserving.”

Dhruvil Sanghvi, CEO & Co-founder, LogiNext, said, "BW Disrupt is truly disrupting the newly emerging business ecosystem by its insightful articles. Love reading them. Congratulations on your first anniversary, hoping for you to be "the voice of emerging businesses" in years to come."

Nikhilesh Tiwari, Co-Founder, Helical IT Solutions, said, "On this special day, I would like to give my best wishes to the entire BW Disrupt team for their exemplary work. BW Disrupt has always provided insightful news and become a common platform for startup community to share their ideas and freely express their views. For an entrepreneur like me, BW Disrupt is ready reference book to know what is happening around and new things which are coming up in the industry. You have now set a benchmark not just for others but also for themselves and I wish that you continue the good work for many more years to come. Once again congratulations to the entire team!”

Vinay Kalantri, Founder & MD, The Mobile Wallet, said, “BW Disrupt is an astute platform that helps new ideas transform into great ideas, I have been reading about young embryonic turning into powerful leaders and entrepreneurs, and I am well pleased that we have a portal, that helps the industry to be connected and informed. It’s always an amusement to read growth stories, as it reminiscences me of my founding days. I want to congratulate the entire team of BW Disrupt for putting together this interesting and informative magazine for the startup fraternity of India. Every time you do a good job, you polish yourself one more time. Shine on mates, well done!”

Vishwavijay Singh, Co-founder,, said, 
“Congratulations, BW Disrupt! In one year, you've become a go-to site for latest updates on start- ups. One startup to another, let's continue this growth next year and beyond. BW Disrupt has managed to become popular within a year of its operations because of its passion to catch up with new and unique happenings in the world of startups with great alacrity.”

“Heartiest congratulations to BW Disrupt for completing one successful year. We have built a great relationship already and we're looking forward to strengthening them further. Keep shining!!” said Ms. Nishima Aggarwal, Co-founder and Chief Performance Officer, CurrencyKart.

“Happy First Year BW Disrupt! I extend my heartiest congratulations to your company for completing one year of success. Wish you all the success for many years to come,” said Mr. Prince Jalani, Senior Manager-Marketing, HCAH.

"Disruption is necessary for growth for any start up and so is BW Disrupt. Congratulations BW Disrupt for completing your maiden year! I wish you and your team many more successful years ahead," said Mr. Karan Chadha, Founder, Gangs Of Beard.

"Many congratulations from HelpMeBuild to BW Disrupt for turning one and many more to come! In just one year, they have created a great value with their quality of content and updates in startup world which is rare these days for news portals," said Mr. Prasoon Shrivastava, Founder & CEO, Helpmebuild.

“Congratulations to BW Disrupt for completing one year of successful operation. It felt great to be featured on this platform which covers startup and entrepreneur journey. Hope you achieve more and more success,” said Ms Ritika Nangia, Founder,

Varun Rathi COO and Co-Founder of Happay, said,
 “Team Happay would like to congratulate BW Disrupt on completing a year journey in the startup world. The past few years have seen many ambitious individuals hop onto the bandwagon of startups with some making it really big in a very short time. Expertise, service and quality offering is what sets a successful business apart from the crowd and I take this occasion to wish you’ll immense success on the road ahead”.

Rajeev Banduni, CEO, GrowthEnabler, said, "Media is the most cost-effective yet credible way to let people know and understand what a company does. A feature in the media not only helps a business with visibility, but also creates validation from respected sources like journalists. Our feature on BW Disrupt helped startups to connect with us and we were also contacted by other publishers who were interested in our story."

Subramanya SV, Co-Founder,, said, “BW Disrupt is a great platform for startups; it is a one stop place for knowing all the happenings in the Indian startup ecosystem on a daily basis. The features cover a wide array of topics and are very insightful. Fisdom wishes BW Disrupt all the best.”

Aradhana Dalmia, Founder, The Artemist, said, “BW Disrupt is a great platform bridging the gap between ideas and investments in new age India. Since we are a start-up ourselves, we can see the change BW Disrupt has brought to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country. This in return, encourages and inspires us to grow more.”

"BW Disrupt has become the knowledge repository for the latest activities of the startup world. If one has to keep track of all the activities in the startup world BW Disrupt is the source," said Saumyajit Guha, COO - ‎Calcutta Angels Network.

Sukhesh Madaan, CEO, Envent, said,
“We congratulate the esteemed, knowledge-driven portal on completing one year filled with prolific achievements and success stories. BW Disrupt is a niche platform that empowers entrepreneurs to exchange thoughts, gain knowledge, discuss innovations and more. Today, entrepreneurs who intend to be visible in the community are progressively making their presence felt on this start-up centric portal. This platform immensely helped Envent to amplify its visibility amongst the target audience at a rapid pace alongside, assisted to connect with like-minded fellow entrepreneurs. We happily thank and wish them for their future endeavors that will bring together expertise, knowledge, innovation from different people across sectors and industries.”

Apurva Ashar, Executive Director, ePUB- Hub, said,
"We would like to express our heartiest congratulations to BW Disrupt for successfully completing one year filled with excessive triumphs. With positive determination, laser- sharp focus and diligent efforts, Business World Disrupt successfully paved its way to become one of the most popular portals among entrepreneurs in 2016. It serves as a great platform to connect with individuals from different sectors who shared their expertise, thoughts and learnings. Alongside, it assisted to touch- base with target audience in a more effective and speedy style."

Rajesh Gupta, Founder, Cash Suvidha, said,
“Heartiest wishes to BW Disrupt for future too. The startup ecosystem has evolved immensely during the last year. By coming up with startup stories, telling about their struggle, achievements, innovations, BW Disrupt is indeed the voice of emerging businesses. We hope that in future too the immense effort put in by the startups and their saga of struggle would be told in the same manner which will inspire the budding entrepreneurs.”

Vashist Vasanthakumar – CEO, Vaya Life Pvt. Ltd, added, "BW Disrupt is a one stop website for every entrepreneur or investor who wants to be aware of all the business opportunities and risks in India today."

Priti Shah, CEO of Paynear, said, "Congratulations to BW Disrupt for completing one year successfully since its inception in 2015. Being a start-up, the online portal has held its own and heading for the pinnacle in the next couple of years. Paynear wishes BW- Disrupt a great year ahead."

“Heartiest Congratulation on turning one BW Disrupt. We wish you have a very long journey in this field. Thank you for making us a part of your journey,” said Avijit Arya Chief Mogul (Founder), Internet Moguls.

Sanjay Dalmia, Chairman of the Dalmia Group of Companies, added, “Congratulations to BW Disrupt on completing one year of reaching out to readers across various industries. According to me encouraging budding entrepreneurs is the need of the hour, the ones who are starting a business not to merely ‘earn money’ but also ‘make a difference.’ Their successful innovations are improving the standard of living as well. Entrepreneurs are national assets to be cultivated, motivated and remunerated to the greatest possible extent.”

“It was imperative to have an effective platform to keep everyone in sync with the country’s buzzing entrepreneurship ecosystem. Following related developments through BW Disrupt has been extremely insightful. Big Congratulations to the team on the first anniversary!,” Said Nami Zarringhalam, ‎CSO & Co-founder at Truecaller.

Siddhartha Bhattacharya, Country Director, ACCESS Health International, said, “BW Disrupt has created a platform that is trying to communicate the need for high quality affordable and equitable healthcare. We hope that BW Disrupt will act as a catalyst for positive change in society by bringing together the state and non state actors and introduce new, cost effective health innovations that can transform the health system in India.”

Vishal Bali, Chairman & Co-founder, Medwell Ventures, said,
“The future success of any sector is highly dependent on the forces of disruption that both the incumbent and the new age enterprises create within that sector. BW Disrupt has within a year taken the anchor position to project and reflect the power of disruption being created by the startup community in India across all sectors. Congratulations on completing year 1."

Ameen Khwaja, Founder & CEO,, said, “BW Disrupt is, for everything that an entrepreneur need to catch up with. It is a good platform to share opinions, learn from success stories, and get insights into various business aspects. Also, it is a great source of information for a budding entrepreneur or for a start-up company”.

“FabAlley has been recognized and celebrated by BW with Businessworld’s Young Entrepreneur Award (YEA) in September 2016. Now, with the newest entrant in the BW family, BW Disrupt is poised to provide fresh views and insights that will impact and positively influence decision making among young entrepreneurs. Covering new aspects of brands and their clutter breaking strategies will give Disrupt an edge over other publications. FabAlley is looking forward to associating with BW Disrupt in 2017 and building a stronger relationship with the BW family”, said Tanvi Malik and Shivani Poddar, Co-founders, FabAlley.

Vikas Lakhani, CEO and Co-founder at InstaOffice, said, "BW Disrupt has emerged as a leading media property for innovative and emerging businesses to look out for. It has helped us gain valuable customer insights, and put ourselves forth as a highly vibrant community. Their outreach to the right target group has been immensely valuable to our business growth."

"Congratulations BWDisrupt, on your first anniversary ! Best of luck to you as you continue to grow your business. Looking forward to more anniversaries!" - said Mr. Varindar Singh Jawanda, Founder, TrendyBharat.

Nitish Mittersain, Founder & MD, Nazara Games, said,
“I believe that the disruptive space is bringing about a new India and I am very impressed in the way Business World has managed to capture this emerging India. It enables entrepreneurs and the like to understand the start-up ecosystem, the various players and their offerings. The stories bring about disruptive innovation across genres, and the faster India adopts this change, the faster we grow towards a transformed India. Happy Anniversary!”

"Fintech is now the pivot on which businesses are growing. We at RupeePower find BW Disrupt an edgy platform that gives us information on the current entrepreneurial trends, interesting business stories and the market scenario, straight from the horse's mouth, that keeps us in the Fintech industry up-to-date and informed," said Tejasvi Mohanram, Founder & CEO, RupeePower.

"Locus team wishes BW Disrupt heartiest congratulations on their first anniversary! BW Disrupt has proved to be an outstanding platform for young entrepreneurs to showcase their unique ideas. It’s great to see your audience grow due to your strong and informative content. We wish you many more successful years, BW Disrupt!" said Nishith Rastogi, Co-founder & CEO,

“There are startups and then there are large established businesses - almost like two totally independent worlds. BW Disrupt is the rare bridge that connects hopes of startups to the business world realities,” said Anil Chhikara, Principal, Jaarvis Accelerator.

BW Disrupts covers the daily happenings in the world of startups, also covers entrepreneurs who can inspire others to take entrepreneurship. The platform provides assistance to young aspiring entrepreneurs with disruptive ideas and connect them with investors, giving them an opportunity to interact with eminent personalities of corporate world.

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