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Richie Sidhu

Richie Sidhu is working as Marketing manager at, a leading website deals with Trademark Registration, Company Registration, and GST Consultancy in India.

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Entrepreneur - A Job provider or Job Seeker

If you dream to be an Entrepreneur then you have to focus on what you want to be and you just need to go ahead on your path.


Few Days back, we at get a call from two friends, who wants to start their company and want some consultancy about how they can come this startup world. They are into Job but neither of two want to leave the Job and ready to take the risk of coming into this unstable environment of “Startup”. They called themselves entrepreneurs and asking them whether they know meaning of this word, they simply said we are starting a new company and are so called founders that’s why we are entrepreneurs.

This is the actual myth that many new persons coming in the industry have taken in the mind. They do not know what exactly an entrepreneur means.

What Entrepreneur means?

A person can be called an entrepreneur if he is having the following qualities:

1. Focus – If he knows on which things he needs to put focus on to reach his target.
2. Positive Attitude – If he is having a positive attitude always, free of negative thought, always things about good to be happen, no negative thoughts in mind.
3. Motivated – If he looks always happy, whether the work is repetitive but the spirit to the work is always on pace and keep on increasing and let the others to work with more spirit.
4. Visionary – If he has the vision about where he wants to reach and how he needs to be there.
5. Courage – If he has the courage to take new steps and to take risk without any fear of failure.
6. Co-Operative – If he knows how to help and cooperate others.
7. Strategist – If he know his Target and Path and knows his failure and have the capability to overcome those failures by making strategies.

If anybody is having the above 8 qualities, then we can say that the person can be called an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurial journey is for the patient mind. Entrepreneurship is a skill which anyone can learn and you do not to be an Einstein to become an entrepreneur.

Taking a decision to open a business without taking a risk is something like going on a walk in Shirt without pant.

If Every Employee is an Entrepreneur?

Yes in Some sense he is because he has started from somewhere, he has the courage to face the new world.

But it is not compulsory that Every employee who tired up of his job and from his 4x4 cubicle thinks about to start his business, to own a company rather than work for his boss may be an entrepreneur. These people do not think once before this thought that whether they are having an entrepreneurial attitude or the vision to be an entrepreneur? These 4x4 guys thinks that having a good idea may Or an urge to leave the Job and start a new business, is perfect to call them a Entrepreneur or a Job Creator or Provider.

Qualities of Good Entrepreneur or Leader

The true entrepreneur never decides to become one; you either are, or you are not. Entrepreneurship is an art and the latest innovation that lead to earnings.
Below are some qualities that you feel in yourself:

• The Sense of creating.
• Once believe it's possible, it's possible.
• Opportunity to learn new things every day.
• The Desire to create an impact on peoples.
• Ability to gain the faith of others.

What to do after deciding to be an Entrepreneur?

All of us have the ability and potential to be an inventor. Each person will have their own ideas of what success might mean. We are not able to tell you that what you need to do after you have find out that you have the particular skillset what entrepreneur needs to be but from our readings and learning’s we can share some steps what others have followed.

• If You need to strike the problems that really need attention as well as a solution. If you figured out your idea, it means a big step towards your journey of an entrepreneur is accomplished.

• The thing which is matters is that you need to think about a good product based on that idea that can be created on the basis of that idea. An extraordinary product is essential to set up a great company. You have to provide something which is very much valuable for the people.

• Execution of your Idea, to give your idea a shape of a product, Execution is not a simple thing. To start a company the most censorious part is Execution only. In your company first you have to execute everything very well by yourself, then only you can build the same culture at the same place. Always keep track of the growth of every day, focus on important things, get work done on time, always looking forward to the marketing and most important thing is never give up.

• Lastly, you require a great team to work for a single mission. You need to build a good relation with your team members to get succeed. For making a team you must have to take care of few points for selecting your team members are that they must be smart, can they get work done, good communication skills etc.

Always invent what your customer’s love, rather what everyone likes. Every individual has the right to make choices in his life, i.e. you work for somebody or you make somebody work for you.

Conclusion :-

Entrepreneurship is "Risky" but you have to take that risk, as it was saying “Risk to Spiderman ko bhi lena padta hai, hum to phir bhi entrepreneur hain”. If you dream to be an Entrepreneur then you have to focus on what you want to be and you just need to go ahead on your path.

So, just be positive, optimistic, daring and skilful if you want to be an entrepreneur. I believe everyone is made for entrepreneurship but it just depends on right time and right decisions. Entrepreneurship is not just about just taking the risk, it's more than that. Play Safe.

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