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“Before Venturing Overseas we want to Further Cement HR One's Position in India”- Mr. Karan Jain, Co-founder of HR-One

In an Interview with BW Businessworld Mr. Karan Jain, Co-founder of HR-One talks about the idea behind the startup and more

The idea behind the startup
HR One was formed after its founder discovered that thousands of companies across India spent hundreds of precious man-hours managing and controlling facets of HR using outdated techniques that relied on paper and pen. He realised that in an era of AI, machine learning, and natural language processing algorithms, using paper and pen to manage HR-related tasks not only made little sense, but it also stifled organizations. Following antiquated HR techniques, innumerable organizations in India had to devote significant time, money, and effort to tasks that weren’t their core competency. This made them less competitive and created a workplace replete with drudgery and monotony.
Astutely, HR One’s founder realised that the domestic HR industry needed to make a paradigm shift; to facilitate this shift he formed HR One, an entity that leverages technology to benefit the HR domain. Using software designed by HR One, small and medium-sized enterprises enjoy advantages the largest companies already take for granted. Large companies with robust revenues have the resources to automate nearly all HR-related tasks. This gives them an edge over small and medium-sized entities as they are able to create productive workplaces where employees enjoy working. Using HR technology also gives large companies an edge in recruitment as HR software allows them to sift through the resumes and profiles of thousands of job applicants and recruit a productive workforce. The fact that the most talented workers are likely to be attracted to organizations that use HR software means companies using such software are more likely to have talented workforces.
HR One’s platform gives small and medium-sized enterprises advantages that until recently only the largest organizations enjoyed. By doing so it makes them more competitive by allowing them to focus solely on their core competencies. Companies that use HR One’s software reach their full potential as they are unhampered by HR-related concerns and because they recruit talented and productive employees that remain happy working for their employer. 
Several companies have found success using software designed by HR One. Leading companies such as Haier, Apollo Munich, Mankind, Kwality, Lens Kart, and Vatika are just a few organizations that use its software.  
USPs of the Brand
HR One’s software has several USPs, a few of which are as follow
1. HR One’s software platform is an end-to-end platform. Its 12 modules cater to all facets of HR and its comprehensiveness allows users to execute more than 40 different requests.
2. The software is enterprise-ready and scalable. It can cater to the needs of organizations having a headcount of between 50 to 15,000 employees. The software's versatility gives companies the freedom to buy only the services they require. Companies may buy a single module or the entire product.
3. Its API integrates seamlessly with bio-metric, analytics, ERP, and other software applications.  
4. Its powerful ESS, dashboards, and analytics give organizations actionable insights.
5. It can be implemented quickly with minimum effort and is backed by a strong customer support network. It receives regular and timely product updates.
6. Its user interface has been inspired by Google Inbox making it easy and intuitive. Users need not undergo adaptability training to use it.
7. The company has a strong portfolio of products, over 20 years in the industry, has served over 300 customers, has over 2 lakh users, and employs over 150 experts. 

What is your Business Model?
Currently HR One has a cloud-based pricing and business engagement model while earlier its product was available on-premises and cloud platforms. While the earlier model provided customers the flexibility to choose a product that matched their needs and size, HR One discovered demand for on-premises services was so low as to not merit their use. Furthermore, a cloud-based delivery model has advantages an on-premises model cannot match. This led the company to adopt a purely cloud-based delivery model.
What are your future plans?
We have a large client base in North India including in the Delhi NCR region as well as its surrounding states. As we’re on a firm footing in North India, we believe it's an opportune time to expand to other parts of the country. We foresee tremendous growth potential in the western and southern regions of India which is why we’re opening sales offices in Mumbai and Bangalore.   
Overseas Foray
Before venturing overseas we want to further cement HR One's position in India. This is why right now our focus is on pan-India expansion. Eventually, we will disrupt the international HR market as we have a world-beating product, yet we believe in working systematically which means taking things one step at a time. Hence our expansion pan-India will precede an international one. We are already recognised as being among the leading HR software vendors in the NCR and its surrounding states where more than 3 lakh people use our software. So while an international expansion is on the cards, it will happen after a pan-India expansion.
Social Touch/CSR
We work closely with the OM Foundation which is an NGO. Our MD, Mr. Piyush Jain is the trustee of the OM Foundations School which is dedicated to providing the best education possible to the underprivileged. The OM Foundations mission is to change the lives of the underprivileged by transforming them into assets for their families and the nation. 
The foundation is already playing a significant role in transforming the lives of underprivileged children and other members of the underprivileged community by educating as many as possible, providing healthcare facilities, and providing livelihood skills as professionally, transparently, and efficiently as possible. 
The Paradigm Shift
When we introduced our product we faced considerable challenges as established and popular HR products had made considerable inroads in the HR market serving SMEs. However, as awareness that HR software demands it be powered by AI, chatbots and machine learning grew demand for HR One’s software grew as well. Companies have increasingly realised that traditional HR tools are no longer relevant and are turning to our products. Because more companies recognise the value of our products they are willing to invest in them which is transforming HR departments across the country. So while we faced hurdles initially, when companies made a paradigm shift in the kind of HR software they needed to remain competitive, they become receptive to our products. 
Message to Young Entrepreneurs
The most important suggestion I would make to young entrepreneurs is, to find success, they must believe in their idea and work diligently to bring it to life. Every successful entrepreneur knows there is no substitute for hard work, so while having a great idea is crucial, working hard to bring it to life is even more crucial. I would also like to say that they mustn’t become disheartened if success eludes them early on. Very rarely do entrepreneurs hit the jackpot early, most have to work hard for a relatively long time. Every entrepreneur must know that dedication and hard work will pay off in the long run. They must keep at it and not become disheartened. 

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