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'Fashion is Not Something That is Limited, Fashion is Everywhere at the Same Time'- Ram Sareen, Founder, Tuka Tech

Tuka Tech occupies more than 80% of market in California and 90% in Sri Lanka, among its major markets.

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'Why doesn’t India have $100 million worth of NGOs?' : Atul Satija, Founder and CEO, The/Nudge Foundation

Through N/Core, the foundation intends to invest over Rs 50 crore to incubate and support over 100 non-profit startups in the next five years.

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'100% Of The Big Innovations In The Country Have Come From Us’ - Kalyan Krishnamurthy, CEO, Flipkart

In an exclusive interview with BW Businessworld, Kalyan Krishnamurthy talks about Flipkart’s strengths, growth, future plans, and much more

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Droom Targets Rs 7,500 Crore GMV By FY 2017-18

The e-commerce company is aiming at a gross merchandise value of Rs 7,500 crore and net revenues worth Rs 120 crore by FY 2017-18, Droom founder and chief executive officer Sandeep Aggarwal told BW Businessworld in an interview

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Trupay Tells Us How They are Better Than Paytm and MobiKwik

"It’s also a big pain point for the merchants who have to pay a big fee to wallet companies before withdrawing money"

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The Fleet Tracker IMHERE24X7 & its Enterprising Cofounder

Your company has sent a freight of white goods in a fleet of trucks, but when you call the truck driver he won’t pick up; won’t you start panicking?

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How to be a Smart Investor

Professor Lacey's academic work has led to over 50 publications in finance and economics. His work in interest rate risk management and control led to the development of higher order closed form solutions for duration and convexity.

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KlinicApp: Diagnostic Services Market Stands at $6B (2014-15) and growing @17% CAGR

KlinicApp’s focus towards creating value for the ecosystem with the help of technology differentiates it from rest of the players in the Industry today.

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CarXpert Plans to Start Pre-Owned Car Franchise Business in FY 2018-19

The organization intends to scale up gradually to a level of 100 franchisee workshops in 2017-18 while gaining close to 500 franchise partnership by 2020.

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