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DailyNinja Expands Its Service to Hyderabad, Plans to Set Up a Warehouse in Coming Months

In Hyderabad, DailyNinja has tied up with 10 milk vendors, while in Bengaluru it has partnered with around 400 milk vendors.

Read More Becomes the First to Receive an NBFC-P2P Certification from RBI

Projected to be worth $4-5 billion by 2023, the P2P lending segment has completely disrupted the consumer lending and asset class categories in India.

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Lessons to Learn from the Best VC Bets of All Time

At the end of the day, if you have founded a company or if you have invested in one, all that counts at the end of the day is a healthy return (and a bountiful exit)

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Hike Customers can Now Book Bus Tickets from the Platform Itself

Travelyaari teams up with Hike to provide the messaging platform’s users a seamless bus booking experience

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Cash Suvidha Revenue Grows 4X in FY 2017-18, Aims to Disburse Rs 400 Cr Loan Amount by End of March 2019

Through Cash Suvidha, digital-savvy entrepreneurs can avail financial services seamlessly as they navigate through their progressively digitized lives.

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Mobike to Start India Operations from Pune Soon, Appoints Former EY Executives

The company officially launched its service in Shanghai in April 2016, and in just two years, has now expanded the service to over 200 cities in 16 countries globally.

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#TodayDeals: Mobike to Start India Operations Very Soon, Uber to Launch Auto Rickshaw Service in Gurugram & More

Indian government plans to expand the Digital Village or the DigiGaon initiative in 700 villages across the country by end of this year. The initiative not only connects the village with Wi-Fi, it also assists the residents in entrepreneurship opportunities.

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Hospitality Veteran Sanjeev Pratap Sinha Acquires Beauty & Wellness Spa Provider 'ADARA'

After a successful stint of 18 years of experience in the financial services industry both in India and South East Asia, Sanjeev had started his entrepreneurial journey in 2011 with three ventures in the real estate and hospitality space and has seen tremendous growth in each of them.

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Innovation State: Andhra Pradesh; A Dream, A Vision

With technology becoming pertinent in our lives, a closely knit innovation ecosystem is a critical need for a country, with the size, scale, and diversity of India. Globally, while the United States of America has been in the forefront of innovation, research and development in the recent past, Israel, a small nation, has been the leading spender in R&D and Innovation (in terms of % of GDP). In the last decade, India spent less than 1% of the GDP for R&D and Innovation. R&D in India is still largely financed by the government sources, with limited success. Out of over 5,000 Incubators across the world, India is limited to less than 1% of such incubators.

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